Bethany Winters gave up everything for one boy. Justin Bieber. He meant everything to her, but on accident she found out something that absolutely broke her heart. Now she wants revenge. And to do that means entering a world she was never interested in before--the entertainment world. But what happens when she coincidentally bumps into the world's biggest boy band, One Direction, and becomes their lyricist? All she wants is revenge or at least that was what was supposed to be on her mind. But can one curly haired boy, make her want something more than revenge? Make her believe in love again?


2. Moment Of Truth


Beth's POV


It was much busier than it ever was tonight. I rushed passed all my fellow employees and began taking orders, clearing tables, and showing people to their seats. It's been three years since Justin and I left and came to L.A. I never wanted to have anything other than a normal life. It wasn't my dream to become a singer or famous, it was his. Even so, he meant everything to me. I would do everything I could to support him. We had I guess you could say 'eloped' when we were only sixteen and we still had another year or two before I graduated high school. I didn't technically finish high school, but I did get my GED. Immediately, Justin was able to basically become famous over night. I was so proud of him. Now it's three years later since the day we first moved here and he was a big time celebrity with millions of loyal fans.

"Beth, here, it's a takeout order" Annika said handing it to me. She winked at me and I instantly smiled when I saw where it was and who it was for. I wiped the sweat off my face and fixed my long brown hair into a neat ponytail. Tonight was supposed to be Justin's concert. I wasn't able to go because of work, but I was glad I'd be able to see him.

As I pulled up to building, there were many Beliebers out there, trying to get in. Of course security wasn't letting them. As I opened the door, I was stopped by a guy.

"Order for Justin Bieber" I said holding up the food. The guy nodded and opened the door for me to get in. There were girls who gave me death glares that I was lucky enough to get in but I didn't care. I made my way up the stairs and found the room that said 'Justin Bieber'. I wanted to surprise him so I walked in without making a noise. I heard voices in the room.

"We can't do this" I heard a woman's voice. I peeked to see her straddling Justin as he sat on the couch.

"It's okay, don't worry" he said to her. I recognized her to be Selena Gomez. I gasped slightly as their lips connected. I couldn't help but feel like my heart was ripped apart.

"What was her name? Bethany? She would be absolutely heartbroken if she heard you" she cooed. I suddenly got interested at the sound of my name. I listened closely.

"It's true though. She's boring and plain. How cold I be into such a plain girl? I prefer someone like you better" he winked kissing her again. I was shocked to hear this.

"You're so mean!  You're the one who brought her here! Why don't you just move out then?" she said playfully and kissing him again.

"I have her wrapped around my finger. She does everything for me on a whim. How could I give that up just because I was coming here? I already knew she would come along. That's how it's been since we were younger. Always has and always will. I would feel bad for leaving her anyways" he said cockily.

I felt my anger rising. I clenched my fists as they continued to talk about me. What I did next was something I never would have done before. Not to anyone. I step out of my hiding place and chucked the takeout, barely missing his stupid head. I felt hurt and used. "How could you?" I asked not believing it. He looked surprised to see me but his face quickly turned into a scoff.

"Be glad you even got to be around me. You know how many girls scream for me?" he asked smirking. I was shocked, This was not the Justin I knew and fell in love with. Did he really think of me that way? He used me? I couldn't help the tears that were pouring out my eyes. I wiped them away. He didn't deserve my tears. "What, are you going to get revenge on me? You'll have to enter my world if you want to do that, but I highly doubt you can" he cackled. I looked up at him with angry tears.

"Don't underestimate me. Payback's a bitch" I glared. With that, I turned on my heel and left. I completely wiped away the tears from my face. The love I used to have for him replaced with hate and anger. I had given up everything for him and that was  what I got. That's why he never came home anymore. Too busy fooling around with other girls.

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