Finding the right guy

Hi my names Sara. I get abused by my asshole boyfriend. My dad told me it was a bad idea to date this guy. I finally run away and knew my dad was right..I bump into someone I never expected to meet. He protects me and cares for me,nothing compared to my ex..but what happens when her ex tries to look for her..find out in this movella!


8. Happiness

Sara's P.O.V

As I walked in the smile plastered on my face. Kissing Liam was the most amazing thing ever. I didn't expect him to do that. I kept walking and then the boys saw me. "Hey Sara!! How did the dinner go and why are you so happy?" Louis asked. I didn't say anything and I continued up the stairs and having the smile on my face. I didn't want to give him all the details. I walked into my room getting ready for bed and I kept thinking about Liam. It was the best night ever. As I was heading to bed I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Then someone knocked on the door."Sara, you never answered my question." Louis stated. "Ok Louis, the dinner went great and I'm happy because Liam kissed me. I have never felt like this before!! I'm super happy! It was a night that I never will forget." I said. He smiled. "Sara, Liam really likes you. From the first day he met you, he couldn't stop talking about you that night. We have never seen him act like this because Liam is shy around girls, but with you he acts like himself. It's a side everybody likes to see of Liam." Louis said. I couldn't help but smile."He does?" I said questionably. Louis just nodded his head. I can't believe Liam likes me and even if we just met, I still like him. He was nothing like Caleb! He was so much more. I do like Liam a lot. Just finding out that he likes me makes me feel like the happiest person alive! While I was in my own little world Louis cleared his throat. "Well, goodnight Sara!! Sweet dreams!" Louis said and walked out the door. I shut the lights out and went to sleep.

Liam's P.O.V

It was the best night ever! Sara's an amazing girl and I can't believe that happened. I like her so much. She was upstairs talking to Louis and I decided to go up and check on her. As I walked up the stairs, Louis just came out of her room. "Hey mate! I heard the dinner went well! Louis said. "Yeah, it was an amazing night. I'm going to go check on her now though." I said. He nodded and I continued walking the halls. I opened the door a creek to see Sara sleeping already. She is so adorable when she sleeps. I closed the door completely and quietly so nobody wakes her up. I then went to my room and got dressed to go to bed. I turned out the lights hoping I will dream about Sara tonight.

Authors Note: hi guys!! I'm sooo sorry I haven't updated in a while!! I've had school and didn't have much time! I will update as much as I can!! Thanks for reading it and please tell me if u like it so far or not!! Also thanks for the support and hopefully I can get more readers!!:)


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