Finding the right guy

Hi my names Sara. I get abused by my asshole boyfriend. My dad told me it was a bad idea to date this guy. I finally run away and knew my dad was right..I bump into someone I never expected to meet. He protects me and cares for me,nothing compared to my ex..but what happens when her ex tries to look for her..find out in this movella!


4. Feelings

Sara's P.O.V

I walked into my room and placed my bag down. This room was huge! I jumped onto my bed and lied down." You like it?" Liam said."Of course!" I said.

"I will let you get settled and unpack your bags." He said then left the room.

Liam's P.O.V

Sara was an amazing girl. The first time I saw her I fell in love. I don't think she feels the same." What's wrong Li?" Louis said.

"Nothing just thinking." I said. And that was that. I just have a feeling harry is going to steal the girl I love. He's always gotten the girls. Sara has all the features I look for in a girl, she doesn't think she's all that, she's shy, she seems intelligent, and she beautiful. Then sara came down. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back! Yes I thought to myself!" Hey Liam". She said." Hey sara. How's your room?"I said." It's amazing! It's all a girl could ask for! Thanks Liam!" She said and hugged me. Her hugs were so nice and warm. It gave me butterflies in my stomach. After that she returned to her room.

Sara's P.O.V

After talking to Liam I have realized something after I gave him a hug. I like Liam. He was so nice to me and he makes me feel welcomed. He was the one who offered me to stay. If he didn't I would have nowhere to stay. I just don't think he has feeling for me.

Authors Note: hi people reading my book! Like to say thank you for reading this! I really appreciate putting your time into reading this movella! If you like this book, I will try to update a lot! Again thanks!!

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