Shadow in the Dark

As the SSForest enters orbit it's only a matter of time before their experiment breaks loose.


1. Settling in

Earth had no choice but to abandon the project and to continue the war, which felt like a millennia. The project was placed in a spacecraft known as the SSFOREST.


after boarding, the ship left immediately. Years later, America took over the project again. They sent prisoners and the best security they had. Few noticed that America was starting the project again. They wanted power.


Shipping prisoners with soldiers made trips to the SSFOREST much smoother. Ships soon reached the craft, and prisoners from earth now turned into test subjects for the project. An AI was created to run the core of the ship, so everyone could focus on the task at hand.


little did they know that someone smart and sly enough was exiting orbit and heading towards the SSFOREST with 8 other prisoners and 15 soldiers keeping check on them.


This is the story of Conner, a man with an unknown past and future waiting to be unfolded.


(sorry the first chapter is short)

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