Will you be good for me?(Liam Payne Fan Fiction)


3. Chapter 3

I jump into Liam's land rover and he jumps into the drivers seat. He starts the engine, and heads off to the boys hotel where they are staying. I see a guy standing at the entrance to the hotel wearing a hoodie and a black snapback. He doesn't look up afraid that the girls outside would notice him.I look at Liam and he smiles and nods.

"Thats Louis." He says 

I don't even wait for Liam to stop the car. I jump out and run over to Louis in disguise. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist not caring if the girls outside  wonder why I just attacked a stranger. I instantly nudge my head into the space between his neck and shoulder. Taking in his sweet scent. 

You see Louis is like the older brother I never  had. He even threatened Liam that if he hurt me he'll hurt him. Which we all know Liam will easily win that fight. 

"I miss you so much LOU!" I say into his neck. Earning him to squeeze me tighter.

"I miss you too Crim!" He replied back.  I lifted my head and I see Niall standing behind Paul giving me his famous smile. I let go of Louis and run towards the Irish boy. And attack him just like I did with Louis.  

He instantly put his head into my neck. You see when people say Niall is a great hugger. They aren't lying. He is the BEST! He knows how to make a girls heart beat a million times faster. 

Out of the corner of my eye I see Liam walk up to us. He's wearing a black and white hoody and a black beanie. 

"HEY! Get your hands off of my girlfriend, Horan!" He jokes with Niall.  Niall looks at him but goes back to the same position. 


Sorry I haven't been updating lately. And I know this is a boring chapter. I promise I will update the stories more :)


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