the best gift

a girl named hailey and her friend cassidy get vip backstage one direction tickets for christmas.....but what happens when they get to the concert somthing GOOD or BAD......


1. christmas day

[background info]

hailey is 21 and cassidy is 19. they both have been friends sense the begginging.... after moving to L.A to get their acting and singing carears stared they flew back down for a month to visit with their parents for a month to spend some time with their parents.btw hailey and cassidy love one direction and they have the biggest crushes on louis tomlinsom (hailey) and niall horan (cassidy)

                                                                  haileys pov

cassidy and i woke up really early so we could open up our presents. the first couple ones we opened were just small things like candy,earings, miley cyrus's bangerz cd, etc but then we got to a huge box from my grandpa and written on it, it said enjoy yourself.... when we opened it we could'nt believe our eyes. it was vip backstage one direction tickets. cassidy passed out and all i did was SCREAM!!!!! there also was a picture of a big box limo. i didnt understand what that picture ment so i asked my dad and he said that we were going to get there and back to the concert in the limo.thats when i almost passed out myself.

                                                                  cassidys pov

after waking up after i passed out because i got one direction tickets, hailey told me about the limo thing and i freaked out even more... i started slightly to cry in happieness


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