Back to Hogwarts

Life after the magical series of Harry Potter is easy now that Voldemort is gone. But the death eaters aren't ready to dye away, Read the first installment of the Back to Hogwarts series, and then the second


3. The Second Stone

It wasn't until potions class when Albus had to report to Dumbledores office. "You wanted to see me?" Dumbledore beckoned Albus in. "I wanted to speak to you." He said, a chair magically pulling out so Albus could sit. "My father said you were dead." Albus said quietly, soon regretting that."Did your father tell you that?" Dumbledore asked Albus, looking him straight in the eye. "Yes," Albus told him "At the train station, he told me I was named after you and professor Snape, who both died during the battle that killed-" Albus looked fearfully at Dumbledore. "You know, in your father's first year, I told him, 'The fear of a name only increases the fear of the thing itself' Tell me, Albus, did your father tell you about the sorcerer's stone?" Albus shook his head. "No sir" Dumbledore handed Albus a book, with a red ribbon in it. "You can read about it later, but that stone resurrected Snape and I, you tell your father that." Albus nodded. There was so much about Harry Albus didn't know.

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