Back to Hogwarts

Life after the magical series of Harry Potter is easy now that Voldemort is gone. But the death eaters aren't ready to dye away, Read the first installment of the Back to Hogwarts series, and then the second


6. Dark Mark

Later that day Hermione and Draco stole guilty glances at each other, trying to avoid Draco's wife, Astoria, and Ron. Harry heard a knock at the door, but when he answered it, he couldn't beleive his eyes. "Dad?" Draco said, astonishingly. "May I come in?" Lucius said, breezing past Harry. "I'd wish to speak to my son." Ginny came in with a dish of lasagna. "Why don't you stay for dinner?" She asked "I never did like you, Potter. But your wife" He smiled "She's a charmer."

After a big dinner, Albus was wandering boredly when he heard voices down the guest wing. "It is coming!" A voice said. It was Lucius Malfoy's voice. But there was another voice."No!" It said "I changed. I have a family now!" He saw an arm poke out. There was some kind of tattoo of a skull and a snake. "Can't you feel it! Now is our chance! We can kill the Potters and the filthy mudblood!" "No!" "Why not?" "Because!" "Just tell me!" "BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH HER!" Albus then realized who's voice it was. It was Draco Malfoy's

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