Back to Hogwarts

Life after the magical series of Harry Potter is easy now that Voldemort is gone. But the death eaters aren't ready to dye away, Read the first installment of the Back to Hogwarts series, and then the second


7. A new Evil

Albus and his friends were back on schedule. They were learning at Hogwarts how to cast spells and charms and incantations. "Protego." Professor Flitwick said. "This charm will shield you from hexes and jinxes." Rosie raised her hand "But professor, Protego only protects from minor hexes and jinxes, and only down scales the damage." "Excellent work, Miss. Weasley. Five points to Gryffindor!" Albus couldn't stop thinking about Draco and Hermione.

Meanwhile, at the Weasley's house, Hermiome was crocheting when there was a knock at the door. It was Draco. "May I come in?" He asked solemnly. "Sure, Ron's at work." They sat on sofa in silence until Hermione said, "Would you like some tea?" "We have to stop pretending that this never happened." Draco said, standing up to face her, "Is that why you came?" Hermione asked, her voice cracking. "Not really." Draco said softer "If you said you loved me, I would be coming to see you. If you said you thought this was a bad idea, I came to kiss you one final time." Hermione looked into Draco's eyes. His hand was on her cheek. As they leaned in, the doorbell rang…

It was lunchtime when the Daily Prophet came in. "Woah!" Rosie exclaimed, passing the paper to Maïa "Holy Cricket, Scorpius, did you see this? A strange man with long white hair is recruiting some people who were once Death Eaters." Albus knew little about these people. "Death Eaters, do you mind explaining who they are, Rose." He asked "Of course! Well, before Voldemort's death, he had a group of followers, that would do his dirty work." Rose informed him. "I heard that some of them were arrested and others just walked away."Maïa said "Look, Rose, it says that the one caught was trying to bring Voldemort back, and need the elixir or life to do it."

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