Back to Hogwarts

Life after the magical series of Harry Potter is easy now that Voldemort is gone. But the death eaters aren't ready to dye away, Read the first installment of the Back to Hogwarts series, and then the second


1. the train

Albus Severus sat on the train next to Rosie. "So what do you think?" James asked him, snapping him out of his trance. "Huh?" Albus rasped, with a sore throat. "He said, 'What do you think' by that he meant-" Rosie said, her voice trailing off until she saw a figure in the doorway. "Scorpius" Rosie quietly spoke. "Hello, Potters, Weasley." He looked around. "You look like you have room for one more?" Scorpius sat next to Rosie and took a Bertie Bott's every flavour bean and spit it out. "Soap!" He exclaimed. He was nothing like what uncle Ron told Albus about him, this version of scorpius was kind of funny, and not at all an evil, conniving, devil. As the train pulled up to the Hogwarts station, a gorgeous girl, with green eyes and light brown hair showed up. "Hello Scorpius." The girl looked at the others. "Who are your, uh, friends?" Scorpius stood up and walked towards the girl, "Maïa, this is Rosie, James and Albus" Maïa's eyes widened at James and Albus. "Harry Potter's sons?" She peeped. "Um yes. Is it your first year too?" Maïa looked at Albus and smiled. "Yeah, it is. I have three sisters, and my two sisters that are in the school are in Ravenclaw so my parents are hoping i will follow." There was a boom on the train. "First years," A giant, bearded man boomed "Follow me!"

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