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Justin Drew Bieber is a name teachers, cops, and parents dread. Especially if those parents have teenage daughters between the ages 15 and 18. Justin is known for gangs, fighting, drugs, and being kind of a man whore. To say the least he's a "bad ass." But what happens when his mom gets fed up with his bullshit and signs him up for a program where you go and live with a stranger for a year as an attempt to fix his attitude. Not to mention little did Pattie or Justin know his new "parents" had a daughter ,Chelsey, who just happened to be his age. (17)


7. chapter 6

Justin's POV:

It's been about two weeks since I first was forced into this "attitude change" program shit, but i'm getting use to being here. Other than the fact that ever since that first dinner Andrew has been watching my like a hawk. It's like he doesn't trust me around Chelsey, which I don't blame him, but she's just a "goody goody" that don't know what she wants. She kept flirting with me but that pretty much stopped the first couple of days. Now I have school to worry about. I tried to convince them to let me just be home schooled but they said no. There both fucking douches, well Andrew is anyways.

"Justin come on! You're gonna be late for school." Chelsey screamed from somewhere in the hallway.

"Who gives a fuck it's just school." i replied burying my head into my pillow.

"I do because I have to drive and i'm NOT being late, now get your lazy ass up!!"

I laid there a few more minutes when suddenly i felt my whole body become wet and when i looked up Chelsey was standing with an empty bottle.

"What the fuck Chelsey i'm up."

satisfied she walked out of my room. i slowly got up and went to the bathroom. I quickly undressed myself and got into the steamy shower. I stood there a good five minutes letting the warm water calm my nerves. I was always stressed so the shower was the only time i wasn't and i enjoyed it. After i washed my hair and body i got out and put my clothes on. I don't really care what i wear because it's mainly all the same. Black skinnys, white V-neck, my leather jacket and some supras. i carefully jelled my hair and walked out into the hall to go find Chelsey who was doing her makeup.


"If you're doing your makeup i could've slept another five minutes."

"Shut up. Are you ready?" she asked while putting eyeliner on.

i don't know why girls where makeup, to me they are just covering up there natural  beauty.

"Yeah, are you done putting on your mask?" i replied sarcastically.

"ha.ha. funny," she mockingly said while she took one last look in the mirror. "let's go."

she grabbed her purse, keys, and bag and i grabbed my binder and followed her out of the door and into the car.

*skips car ride*

Once we got to school it only took Chelsey about 5 minutes to disappear into her own little crowd of people. which left me walking into school alone. Thanks Chelsey.

The school wasn't very big. All one story. It was made completely out of bricks and it said in big white letters at the top Friendsville Highschool. I looked around as i walked throught the big graydoors and immediately everyone looked at me. The guys covered their girls and the girls all starred at my as if i had something in my teeth. i new then i could own this school if i wanted.


Chelsey's POV:

"Heyy Chels!!" i heard my friend Abigale scream. Me and her have been friends since kindergarten. She is my one and only best friend. She is the complete opposite. She has blue eyes and blonde hair. She is street smart but not very book smart. The only thing we really have in common is our weirdness and our sports. We both do softball, basketball, track, and volleyball. Plus, we are both very country.

"Abby!! OMG how was you summer? I missed you so much!"

"I missed you too, my summer was amazing. How was your trip to paris?"

"It was good. AHHH! I missed you!" i said while pulling her into the tightest hug ever.

"so, um, who was he hottie who got out the car with you? Did miss goody goody finally break the rules and get a boyfriend?"

"Oh, no that was just Justin. He's staying with use because of this program for bad kids."

"so he's a badass.. interesting." she said more or less to herself.

"off limits!" i nearly screamed at her. She and Justin were to much alike. They both only want one thing and one thing. They want relation but no relationship.

"fine!" she said then we laughed and walked into the school.

As we were walking I noticed all the guys were gathered by one person and all the girls were gossiping about some guy. I seen one of the biggest gossipers in school who i just happened to be one of my good friends.

"Hey Candy." i yelled toward her as i walked to her.


"what's all this talk about a new 'hottie'."

"oh, you mean Justin? yeah word is he just moved here because of some program for badasses."

"yeah i know i know he lives with me."

"Are you serious? you're like the luckiest girl ever. he is f-i-n-e!"

"mhmmm. anyways that's what all this about? And is he who everyone is huddled around?"

"yes ma'am and by any chance do you call dibs because if you don't i do!"

"no i do" someone from behind me shouted.

"no me"

"yeah right he's mine" two others shouted from across the hall.

then there was a small war of who was going to be Justin's girl but i don't know why. He's mine..

Justin's POV:

All of a sudden i realized i was being swarmed with guys and girls. I had already found who was gonna be in my click. It would be kinda small. Which was how i liked it. Less of a chance for them to stab you in the back. I met these guys Chaz and Ryan. They are most likely gonna be my mains. The rest will fall into place. Out of the corner of my eyes i seen Chelsey talking to some girl. I walked over there to see what they were talking about when i heard my name come up. something about calling dibs. Then out of nowhere i heard girls shouting i do i do. where they still talking about me? then i heard Chelsey faintly say "he's mine."

"Hey man what you doing over here?" Chaz said from behind me.

"ain't it obvious he's checking out miss goody goody." Ryan answered for me.

"Good luck with her. she won't date anyone. Me and Ryan both tried."

"well, i wasn't checking her out, i was hiding from the girls trying to attack me."

we all busted into laughter and then the first bell rang. The rest of my day went normal after i got use to all the girls starring at me. I just couldn't get what Chelsey said out of my mind. he's mine. Did this mean she liked me? Why do I care, I don't like her. She's a goody goody and i don't really go for goody goodies. i can have any girl in this school that i wanted. i didn't want Chelsey, but the blonde beside her looked pretty cute..


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