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Justin Drew Bieber is a name teachers, cops, and parents dread. Especially if those parents have teenage daughters between the ages 15 and 18. Justin is known for gangs, fighting, drugs, and being kind of a man whore. To say the least he's a "bad ass." But what happens when his mom gets fed up with his bullshit and signs him up for a program where you go and live with a stranger for a year as an attempt to fix his attitude. Not to mention little did Pattie or Justin know his new "parents" had a daughter ,Chelsey, who just happened to be his age. (17)


4. chapter 3

Justin's POV:


I slowly woke up from my sleep and took in my surroundings. Then it all came back. I was on a plane to some town and I was miles from anyone i new. ugh!

 i sat up and wiped the drool that was threatening to fall from the lower corner of my mouth. i stretched my arms up and my legs out as far as i could. then the plane rumbled a bit and i new we had just landed.

the light above turned green so i removed my seat belt and stood up and grabbed my two carry ons. i followed the other passengers to the luggage pick up and grabbed my three remaining bags and then turned on my cell phone. i had 6 text, 4 from bryan about a fight i would be missing and 2 from my mom.

hey hun, i no you're still mad at me but i just wanted to say i love you.


Justin, i don't know if you got my other text but just call or text me when you land. love you.

i then began texting her back and this is what i said:

luv yu 2 mom. i jus landed but how am i supose 2 no wich ppl im supose 2 go wit?

i looked around then about a minute later my phone buzzed.

they will be holding a sign with your name on it. behave!

i looked around again and then i seen them. Two middle aged adults, about my moms age, holding a sign that read JUSTIN BIEBER. i fixed my black leather jacket, ran my fingers through my hair, grabbed my bags and began walking towards them.


" Justin, Justin Bieber?" the small fragile woman asked.


" yes ma'am." i replied as kind as i could.


" Hi, we're your new parents. My name is Kristie and this is my husband, Andrew."


i shook both of there hands and then we began talking about me. Andrew seemed very worried but i wasn't sure of what. he kept looking at me and then looked around as if he was searching for someone yet i wasn't sure who.


" so where exactly am i?" i asked Kristie who seemed like a very nice lady.


" oh you're in friendsville." she replied with a smile.


" so it's cold here?"


" no, but there is a beach about a block from where we live. you do no you're in California right?"


"well i do now." i faked a chuckle yet i couldn't help but smile, this meant hot girls in bikinis everywhere.


Then suddenly Andrew nudged his wife in the rib with his elbow and whispered something in her ear. then they both smiled. i turned around and followed the direction of there eyes when i seen a girl approaching us.


"hi sweetie how was your trip?" Andrew asked the young lady.


"it was good, so who's this?" she gestured at me.


" this is Justin, Justin this is chelsey. our daughter. Chelsey, Justin will be staying with us for a while."


that's when she looked up at me and for the first time i could actually see her face. she was beautiful. she had medium length brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and a beautiful smile.


be cool justin!


"hey nice to meet you." she smiled


"hi, you too." i said then looked away.


it was silent for a few minutes then Andrew told us it was getting late and was time to go. i followed them outside to a big black hummer. Chelsey go in the back drivers side, her mom and dad helped me put my things in the back. As i went to go join the others in the car her father pulled me aside.


"Look, i know how you are. I've been told all about you so don't even think about going near Chelsey, because if you hurt her I'LL hurt YOU. do i make myself clear?"


"y-yes sir."


and with that we both got in the car and we were on our way to my new home.




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