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Justin Drew Bieber is a name teachers, cops, and parents dread. Especially if those parents have teenage daughters between the ages 15 and 18. Justin is known for gangs, fighting, drugs, and being kind of a man whore. To say the least he's a "bad ass." But what happens when his mom gets fed up with his bullshit and signs him up for a program where you go and live with a stranger for a year as an attempt to fix his attitude. Not to mention little did Pattie or Justin know his new "parents" had a daughter ,Chelsey, who just happened to be his age. (17)


19. chapter 15

Justin's POV:

i came back for you Her words rang through my mind for what seemed like forever. What did she mean she came back for me? Where did she go. I needed some air so I walked out side and ran into the doctor. " Hey Doc." "Hey Justin, did she wake up yet?" "Yeah, for a couple seconds but then she said she was tired and went back to sleep." "Did she say anything?" "Yeah, uh... she said that she.." i trailed off. "She what?" he asked "That she came back for me." "Oh!" he said slightly surprised. "Yeah.." i said looking down. "Well, um. considering she lost so much blood she may be experiencing something that is very common in people who have recently been in a coma. She may be hallucinating." "That makes since i guess, how long was she in a coma exactly?" i asked though i new the answer considering i have been by her side each and every day since the accident. He looked at his chart and then to his phone, im assuming for the date. "Well Justin, just guessing considering we dont know exactly when she went into it, about a month." "Oh, has it really been that long?" i asked. it hasnt seemed that long. "Yeah, and you should be happy. If i remember, a few weeks ago we were going to pull the plug but you begged us not to and because of you the girl in that room is alive." "But she's hallucinating." "Maybe not Justin, she was declared dead so maybe she did go to heaven, but you didnt here it from me because i could lose my job." he said as he patted me on the back "Yes sir." i nodded and walked outside. 'well,i reached inside my leather jacket and grabbed my cigarettes. i pulled one out then grabbed a lighter from my other pocket. as i let and puffed the cig i took in everything that had happened in these past few weeks. let me catch you up on some things. the first week i was herei was threatened by Andrew (her father) and teased by her. i wanted to make her mine but then she started acting distant. Then school started and within the first couple days i was already in a fight but then she turned around and dated him. i dated Candy but then realized i love Chelsey. Chelsey began to ignore me more and more to the point where i gave up on us and started dating Makayla, joined a gang and was ready to make my first hit. Then i get a call that Chelsey locked herself in the bathroom. I get home and she tries to kill herself. She goes to the hospital and I get a call from Chaz asking where i was so i explained to him what happened and Makayla found out. She called and told me i had to choose between her and Chelsey. Now i am going after Chelsey again and i am also the member in the gang Makayla has targeted. Chelseys parents have been on break and dont even know that there daughter has been in the hospital for a month and a half. The other day Chelsey got a text from some dude named Andrew saying he was coming back because he missed her and would never hurt her again. Who the fuck is Andrew. I really dont need any competition. I finished off the last of my cig before i breathed in and went back into the hospital. I walked through the oh so familiar hallways, with the same nurses and the same rooms with different sick people with the hope of getting better. I turned down thehall into the special care unit where there were people lying on there death beds praying for a second chance, which Chelsey was granted. i walked into the room to see Chelsey laying in bed talking to a nurse smiling. It has been to long since i had seen her beautiful smile. "hey sleeping beauty." i said as i walked over and kissed her cheek.


Chelsey's POV:

After i had went to sleep for the second time i woke up with a splitting head ache. I found the caller and paged the nurse. "Hi sweetie how are you." the smiling lady in scrubs walked in while carrying some asprin and water. " I'm good. I don't feel very well." i said holding my head. she walked over and handed me the items she was holding. "Can i ask you something?" i questioned after taking the medicine. "Yeah, anything hunn." "Why am i here and how long have i been here?" "Well," she began. "youve been in here for about a month and because your cutts on your arm." she paused as i looked down at my wrist. "your cutts were so bad and you lost so much blood that you were in a coma for about a month." "oh.." i said. "Yeah and your boyfriend called th-" "wait boyfriend?" i asked confused "Yeah, he saved you life. He's a keeper. He stayed here everyday while youve been in here and hasnt even went home to change. He stayed by your bed the whole time. He's a keeper." she smiled. "He sure is." i said smiling. Just then Justin walked in. "Hey sleeping beauty." he said as he walk over and kissed my cheek. "Hey boyfriend..." i said emphasizing the word boyfriend.

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