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Justin Drew Bieber is a name teachers, cops, and parents dread. Especially if those parents have teenage daughters between the ages 15 and 18. Justin is known for gangs, fighting, drugs, and being kind of a man whore. To say the least he's a "bad ass." But what happens when his mom gets fed up with his bullshit and signs him up for a program where you go and live with a stranger for a year as an attempt to fix his attitude. Not to mention little did Pattie or Justin know his new "parents" had a daughter ,Chelsey, who just happened to be his age. (17)


1. backgrounds information

Justin Bieber: 

justin is a bad ass who is introuble for getting caught smoking weed in the boys bathroom of the school for the 5th time. Not to mention he is on probation, house arrest, and is in a gang known as "the killers" and he is known as "the player" and to him life is just a game. He was taken to jail for violation of probation and the judge had givin them two options, jail or the "attitude change" program. Pattie had know choice, despise justin's pleads, but to choose the program. So as a result he is sent from his home in canada to a small town known as friendsville in California. he is determined to turn his temporary parents life into hell. But what happens when he slowly falls inlove? will he change for her?

Chelsey Clark:

chelsey is an only child and is the exact definition of a "goody goody". She makes straight A's with an occasional B. She has almost always had perfect attendance and has never even gone near a drug, not even a cigarette. She likes to go mudding, plays guitar and sings. She is the "perfect" child. but what happens when she goes from being the only child in her high class family to having to adjust to having a "brother" because her parents joined the "attitude change" program and volunteered to be temporary parents for this kid in need of an "awakening to life".  Not to mention the fact that Justin tends to bring out the bad side of her. A side that nobody else has ever seen before and she isnt exactly proud of. Will she let things go to far or can they be stopped? Will she fall "head over heals" in love with him? 

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