Are You My Mr. Prince Charming?

When Juno Marie Radke auditions for the xfactor, she never expects to have One Direction as her singing mentors! This is a big change in music and style and everything for her! For a girl who grew up around her famous dad, Ronnie Radke, who was always dressed in black; One Direction is a big change for her!
What happens when she catches the eye of one of them? Will she catch herself wanting one of them back?


1. My Dad

I'm not someone who is all that popular. I mean, yeah, my dad is Ronnie Radke from Falling In Reverse; but I'm not one of the more popular celebrity children that you see in a bunch of magazines. 

That's me and my dad. I never see him though. He is only home about 5 or 6 months out of the year. He is always on tour with his band. Though he does call me every night. Sometimes drunk but normally he calls me before he goes out with the guys. And sometimes he calls me multiple times during the day.

He says that this is the last tour he is doing because him and all the guys agree that they are getting a bit old for it all. In a way I believe him but a part of me knows that he will go back out in a year or two and do "one last tour" and have the rush of excitement for it again.

I know there is nothing I can do about it but I still try. I just want my dad to be home all the time.

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