Are You My Mr. Prince Charming?

When Juno Marie Radke auditions for the xfactor, she never expects to have One Direction as her singing mentors! This is a big change in music and style and everything for her! For a girl who grew up around her famous dad, Ronnie Radke, who was always dressed in black; One Direction is a big change for her!
What happens when she catches the eye of one of them? Will she catch herself wanting one of them back?


20. Being Really Busy... Yay

Since mine and Harry's date a week ago, I have been extremely busy... I had to deal with my dad, practice a lot for my show tonight, and then more practice...

I have been told that starting next week, they are going to start a new thing where we have to shows a week and at the end of that week, there is a vote and someone gets told they are voted off on the first performance of next weeks shows. They don't know if they are going to keep this idea, they just wanna try it. Also starting next week, the people get to vote and choose the song I have to perform so I was allowed to pick my song for this week.

Tonights show, I chose to sing Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. One of my favorite songs ever!

The last two shows narrowed the crowed down to 20 people... therefor there is only 7 more weeks of performances. I know it seems like a lot but it really isn't. Since they are doing two shows a week starting next week, when we get to the end of week 7 they are gonna do a 2 hour show on that Thursday and read who got voted off that night.

The only reason it's gonna be two hours is because they are gonna have like 7 guest singers and we all know that One Direction are going to be on there. They always are since they were on the xFactor.


I had been practicing my dance and lyrics all day... I want to win this show... as impossible as it may seem, I do. I have never wanted anything more then I want this- well, besides maybe Harry but I am positive he doesn't like me... He has been almost avoiding me since the date.

This may seem really stupid but I am worried that thinking about Harry will make me mess up during my performance... I hope not... Okay, it's settled. I have to talk to him after the show to see why he is avoiding me... I mean he hasn't even called me. i even texted him and told him that I met up with my dad and that my dad said he wanted to meet him, and he never replied...

Why? Did I do something wrong? I mean, I don't think I did...


It was an hour till the show and Harry still hasn't tried to make any contact with me. Even though just 20 minutes ago, we were only ten feet away from each other... I kept looking over at him for some sort of clue but he wouldn't even glance my way...

It's official. He is mad at me for something and doesn't like me...

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