Are You My Mr. Prince Charming?

When Juno Marie Radke auditions for the xfactor, she never expects to have One Direction as her singing mentors! This is a big change in music and style and everything for her! For a girl who grew up around her famous dad, Ronnie Radke, who was always dressed in black; One Direction is a big change for her!
What happens when she catches the eye of one of them? Will she catch herself wanting one of them back?


13. After the show

After I exited the stage I was directed to sit with the rest of the performers till the last three people left finished. There was only four seats left and I was told to sit in the one next to the tall italian looking guy. Fun.

I sat down and twiddled my fingers till the show was over. That's when everybody who performed was back and allowed to head back to their place or go and do whatever unless they had something that was mandatory to do.

When everybody started getting up I did as well but stopped when I heard my name. I turned and saw Harry heading towards me smiling... great. As much as I didn't wanna stop, I did.

"You did really good actually." He said smiling as he walked up to me.

"Thanks," I said still looking down at my hands.

He lifted my chin up so that I was looking at him, "I'm serious. And another thing I'm sorry about is how I treated you. It was extremely wrong and I had no right. No right was-so-ever."

I didn't reply.I just kept looking up at him. What was I supposed to say? His apology seem real but last time he tried to reply, he didn't mean any of if. Does he really mean it this time?

He gave me a cheek smile before kissing me on the cheek then walking away.

I stood there for a minute confused about what just happened. Harry kissed me? I mean I know it was on the cheek, but still?

"Hey wonderful!" i heard my dad say as he walked up and interrupted me from my thoughts.

"Hey daddy!" I smiled

"You did absolutely amazing princess!" He said picking me up and spinning me around.

I giggled, "Thank you!" I looked over his shoulder and saw my aunt and uncle, "Uncle Andy! Aunt Victoria!" I said as I ran to them and hugged them tightly.

"You did wonderful!" they both said in unison.

"Thank you!" I said smiling.

"Hun, I hate to say this but me and Victoria have to go get the kids and-"

"No, Uncle Andy, it's completely fine! I have to go get changed or something anyways," I laughed.

"Okay hun," He said. "See you at next weeks show?"

"If I am here!"

"You are gonna be fine." He said smiling as him and Aunt Victoria turn and left.

I turned back towards my dad to see him staring at a mom or aunt who was leaving, "Wanna go talk to her?" I chuckled.

"What?" he said snapping his attention back to me.

"Go, go talk to her!"

"No! I am here to see my daughter." he laughed.

"No, you were here for my show. Go on, dad. You never actually meet new people and without a mom it gets pretty lonely around that house."

"I'm not getting married, Juno. I was engaged once and that was enough for me."

"I didn't say get married dad. Come on you are only back in town for a few weeks before you are going back on tour for 3 more months. Go meet someone. You could use a girlfriend." I laughed.

"Are you trying to get rid of me?" he winked.

"Most defiantly. As much as I love you, and i do, I don't wanna hang out with my dad at the xFactor. I would much rather catch lunch or dinner with you later on this week."

"Okay, deal. I go and meet new people and we will have a food date later on this week?"

"Correct." I smiled.

"Okay, then I guess I better go and get the guys. I love you my princess."

"I love you too daddy." I said as I gave him one last huge hug and watched him walk away and leave. 

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