New York

A young personal style blogger struggles with the obsticles fate has given her with humor and some nice advice from her closest friends. Love, hate, drama, happiness, celebirites and parties - it's all happening in New York.


4. seven minutes

Chapter Four // Seven Minutes

I had worked all day and I was really looking forward to have some relaxation and booze. Oh, you can never not look forward to booze. Of course, most of all I was really excited to see Tom tonight, he is so cute. Few hours ago he called me again and asked whether he should send someone to pick me up or not and if I will want to eat something afterwards. Knowing that not one of my favorite restaurants will be open at night, I politely refused his offer. But I did accept the picking up, so now I'm here, sitting in a small Mercedes Benz car with one of his tour managers. I hated small talk and this man did a lot of small talk. But what the hell, I didn't care - I came here to meet Tom, not him, so small talk was fine with me.

When we got to the venue there were a lot of people outside. It was only 30 minutes until they start letting people in and 1 and 30 minutes until Tom has to step on the stage. I guess he had some dedicated fans. I know that people knew him quite well but he wasn't so popular that I needed to worry about hate messages and rumors. It was all balanced and not out of order.

When I went inside a young girl, who's name was Rita, walked me to a room far, far in the building. When I opened the door I saw a lot of British people. And I knew them all. Alexa Chung, Jack Guiness, Pixie Geldof, Samantha Teasdale and of course his band members. Few managers and staff members were in here too, and they were all having a laugh. I was glad no one really noticed I had come in, because I didn't know any of them apart from Tom. Finally, I spotted him and went in for a hug.

"I'm really glad to see you, Poppy. You look great, as always." I caught myself blushing. I never blushed - it was probably that he was a musician. I blame it on that.

"Well, you have met me only twice."

"Yes, but still, you're too beautiful to look bad." It was like he had come out of some sentimental song land and for once I enjoyed it. I felt like Alice in the Sentimetal-Pickup line Land.

"Here, have a glass of wine."

Tom handed me the glass and went away because his manager or something was calling him. I was standing aside and just watched everyone else, I liked the view - few British socialites with great style and good humor, who are all friends and, what it seems like, have loads of fun.

"I'm sorry, can I smoke in here?" I asked the Rita girl, who had escorted me to here earlier.

"Yes, they requested a room where they can smoke, Tom is a smoker himself." She kinda blushed when she talked about him and it was cute. I took my cigarette out and lighted it up, when a male voice from my back scared me a bit.

"Can you light mine too?" I turned around to see one and only Jack Guiness. I lighted his cigarette.

"So you are a New Yorker?"

"Through and through." I smiled and blew the smoke out.

"I admire you, New Yorkers. This city is so loud, how do you handle it?"

"Be louder." We both laughed and talked about New York, how he liked it here. Then we talked about London and how I'm going to live there for a month and write for British Vogue.

"Oh, you, darling, are gonna love it! And I'm gonna show you around, the best parties and all that crap," without really finishing the sentence, he turned around and tried to get someones attention. "Hey, Alexa! Could you come here for a bit?" She was really beautiful and she looked like a balley dancer. I was always kind of inspired by her liveliness, I liked her.

"Oh my God, you're Poppy Harris! I absolutely love your blog, babe, you're amazing."

"Wow, thank you! I'm glad you like it, since you're one of my fashion inspirations."

"Bullshit! How come we hadn't met before?" Jack looked a bit lost with all this compliment exchange, so he stepped into the conversation. "Look, Alexa, she is gonna write an article for British Vogue."

"Oh, that's right! They're doing this thing where they take someone from New York and mix them together with someone from England. Do you know who it is?" She asked me.

"No, not yet."

"Well, let's hope it's someone nice, because I have to shoot with Kendall from this stupid American family, who are rich for nothing. I don't even know why they would invite her." Whilst telling me this, she kinda leaned in and whispered it, obviously thinking that the staff had ears, and it'd be awful if this statement would get out of this room.

Time passed and I got to know all of them a little better, drank 5 glasses of wine and was feeling as good as ever. That's when Tom showed up and grabbed me to go with him. Appereantly, we had come on the stage, thankfully, we were standing behind the curtains, but you could glance on the public.

"I do this every night, kind of to get prepared."

"It must be amazing, playing in front of these crowds every day." I was in awe, this was fascinating.

"It sure is, but it's also tiring as fuck. Good thing you came tonight, it makes the last show a bit less tiring." With that he leaned in and kissed me. He was hell of a good kisser and during our 7-minutes-behind-the-curtain love scene, I understood that he was nice and I'd like to go on a proper date with him.

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