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A young personal style blogger struggles with the obsticles fate has given her with humor and some nice advice from her closest friends. Love, hate, drama, happiness, celebirites and parties - it's all happening in New York.


5. savior

Chapter Five // Savior


In the middle of the afterparty, having my third, maybe fourth coctail, I found myself thinking - how could I wound up here? Gazzilion people were laughing and drinking and generally just having fun and then there was me - standing alone as a pathetic teenage girl waiting for her prince to show up. I didn't want to be that girl who is not enjoying herself without a guy or whine about it but what was I supposed to do when the person who invited her here was nowhere to be found?

He sure was amazing and the concert, jeezus, that was a good concert. Tom was so good on stage, he did everything perfectly. But with every drink passing it seemed like he had messed up this evening, not because I was this clingy girl who needed all of his attention but simply because I knew the ethical ABC -  a simple hello after the concert would've been enough but I didn't even get that, and I felt so unwanted here that I made up my mind - it was time to go. 

I went outside and lighted up my cigarette to make this evening a tiny bit better and here he was - talking with a bunch of people and completely forgetting about the girl who he ran into. I hoped I could manage to slip away unseen, to avoid the awkward "why are you leaving so soon" crap. But it seemed like the universe didn't listen to me at all today.

"Hey, where are ya going?" The blond, hurtfully handsome guy asked me.

"Oh, I think I should head home, it is kinda late and I have to get up early, so yeah." I think this is the sentence that everyone has used for a few good awkward times in their life and it seemed like Tom knew that, too.

"That's bullshit, you can't go. We haven't even properly talked tonight."

"Yes, and I don't think it's my fault - you're the one who hasn't showed up all night."

I thought this was the last thing I would say to him but again - the universe thought differently. Tom shrugged and took my hand.

"You're right, I was a jerk there. But let me make up to you, let me at least walk you home," then he leaned in and silently whispered. "I've been wanting to get outta here for a long time now. You can be my savior."

He was nice and cute and witty. Definitely charming. And with all my stupid relationship drama (mostly, in my own head) I thought I gave this a shot. We walked across the street to my house and sat on the stairs that led to my apartment. "You know what, Poppy? I know this is gonna sound all sweet and stuff but I think you are really pretty." Oh, that's the best thing to say to make me blush. Thanks, Tom. 

"You're not bad yourself."

"I'm glad you think that. I would like to see you again, and properly, without any people around or on the staircase."

"Well, we can do that now - I have a two room apartment upstairs. And I have few bottles of wine if I remember right and a piano, so you can entertain me." 

"Do you play?"

"From time to time. Come, here's your chance of savior and my chance of saving you."

"Poppy, wait." I didn't understand. I thought he wanted to come upstairs and escape all that bazaar back in the hotel but I guess I was proven wrong again. I think fate hated me today and I got fairly nothing I wanted to get. But then, seeing my really confused face probably, he took my face and kissed me so passionately I got weak in the knees. And trust me that doesn't happen a lot. 

"Now we can go."

And that was the night when my journey with Tom Odell started. And still, I do not know whether it was a good or a bad thing but all I know is that it felt good at that time, and that's enough for me.













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