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A young personal style blogger struggles with the obsticles fate has given her with humor and some nice advice from her closest friends. Love, hate, drama, happiness, celebirites and parties - it's all happening in New York.


6. daisy

Chapter Six // Daisy

It had been two months after our little kissing-on-the-stairs incident. I guess New York started to prepare me for London because it had been almost three days of non-stop raining. But I loved it, the rain made me calm. 

During these two months, I started to get to know Tom better. Of course, he had to continue his tour, so I wouldn't see him for a month or so but we we're still talking on the phone, chatting and skyping, we called it online dates. And I was satisfied. It felt like a no string attached sort of dating, therefore I didn't feel like I owed him something. I was quite happy that things turned out like this, it was fulfilling. I was fulfill with satisfaction and butterflies. He always kept on my toes, and we could rant for hours about different writers, movie directors, musicians. Last night he told me that he thought Daisy Buchanan in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby was a horrible person and she was the reason everyone in the end were unhappy. What a discussion we had about this one. 

I loved talking to him. It finally felt like he could be the reason why Poppy Harris is in a relationship. Wow, I did not just say that. I guess I really liked him then. 

However, because of his travelling it was harder and harder to see him. He always tried to surprise me in New York, but even these surprises were getting more rare. Once he turned up at my apartment with peonies and jukebox, because the previous week we had watched the 1980s movie "Say Anything". It was really cute. 

I got up quite early this morning to start packing for my trip to London which was coming up in a week. I guess it was a bit too soon to pack, so after remembering the rant about The Great Gatsby I started to re-read it for the hundredth time, when Tom called me up.

"What a New Yorker does on a day like this?"

"Read The Great Gatsby and verifies that Daisy Buchanan was nothing but a woman very much in love and confused." I was trying to be sassy but I guess this wasn't a role meant for me. 

"Oh, how I've missed hearing your voice. Bad thing I'm not outside of you're apartment, isn't it?"

I knew where this was going, so I opened the door just to see what I was expecting.

"What are you doing in New York?" After we hugged for, like, forever, I finally asked him.

"I had few days off, so I thought it would be nice to see my girlfriend back in New York. I'm quite tired though." I saw the blue circles under his eyes, so I knew he wasn't messing around. At this point, I was really tired, too. Not because I haven't slept or anything but because two people couldn't be involved in a relationship which was meant for doom, anyway. And it hurt to think this way. 

He slept for three or four hours and I tried to sleep but I couldn't, so I continued to read The Great Gatsby. And it was a foolish move because after reading few chapters I realised that I couldn't continue this fling or whatever. It was just useless. 

"I don't want this to end." I don't know how was it possible for him to hear my thoughts. I guess, he was thinking about this tiring thing for a while, too.

"Me too."

And he lit his cigarette and with every drag he took our brief affair was burning just as the cigarette was. He kissed me. I knew that it didn't mean anything but at the same time it meant everything because after this kiss we would say goodbye to each other and after that only memories would exist. The memory of spilled coffee. 


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