New York

A young personal style blogger struggles with the obsticles fate has given her with humor and some nice advice from her closest friends. Love, hate, drama, happiness, celebirites and parties - it's all happening in New York.


1. backround

Chapter One // Backround

It is 5 am in the morning and my mind is full of thoughts about past. Sometimes I think I miss it all but then again my life is nothing but fabulous now, and as arrogant as it would sound I am so proud of myself for making all this happen. Of course, some things still aren't right - I am 27 years old and still haven't had a serious relationship and my relationship with my family is quite hard to define. My goal is to change these things until my 30th birthday.

My life has always consisted of "To-Do" lists. When I was school they would usually consist of things like "tidy your room" or "do your homework". Years passed and the things I needed to do drastically changed - move away from your family find a job, get an apartment,and in the end there's always a "be happy". I am extremely happy to say that I now live in the best city in the world, New York, I have an apartment in Soho and I am a fashion blogger who gets payed quite a lot. Everything seems just fine but I guess it is not if I'm sitting here at 5 am mumbling about my life.

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