More Than Friends?

(Justin is not famous in this movella. sorry guys lol)
Hi. My name is Kaylie. my best friend is Justin Bieber. Just to let you guys know...i like justin. a lot. like crazy. but he doesnt know it. and it kills me everyday because i just want to be with him. my other best friend, Dani, knows this. and were all best friends. but something turns bad when i find out that justin might like Dani...


5. Grounded

Kaylie's P.O.V.

"BUT DAD" i shouted. "NO BUTS. Now off to your room." my father yelled. This is nothing new. every time i do something he doesn't like i get yelled at and sent to my room. But all thats about to change. Maybe. I don't know. I'm not the bravest one of them all. I cant stand up to my father like other people do. Even when i do nothing wrong i get yelled at. I don't understand why this has to happen to me.

I was getting lonely so i decided to text Justin.

To Justin <3:

Hey wanna sneak over? ;)

Instantly i got a reply

From Justin <3:

Isn't your dad gonna get upset??

It's true. My dad would get furious with me.

To Justin <3:

So?...Since when were you afraid of a challenge?

I waited for his reply. It was taking longer than the others. But then i saw the cute little typey thing.

From Justin <3:

I'll be there in a few...what should i bring?

To Justin <3:

FOOD. I'm starving!

From Justin <3:

Haha alright. I'll bring your fave...;)

To Justin <3:


From Justin <3:

I don't know is that your fave?

I was about to reply when i heard something on the balcony. I went out to go check if it was a squirrel or something. I hate squirrels. They freak me out. Don't judge. But i was so relieved to see Justin there smiling all cheeky with a humongous bag of....

"PEANUT BUTTER M&MS!!!!" i whispery shouted just incase my dad would hear me. "At your service" Justin said with a bow. "Hehe oo la la my own servant?" i said tapping him on the shoulder. "Aye hands off the servant, but i dont do this for free. I charge 10 hugs an hour." He said with a wink. What. "Alright, when do you want your first hug?" i asked him while walking back inside my room. "Now!" he said while grabbing my waist and turning me around. "Catch me if you can!" I said jumping on top of my bunk bed. Yes i have a bunk bed. I used to have sleepovers like every night. I jumped on top and hid under the blankets. I started to feel someone coming up the ladder. "Kaylieeeeeee, I know you are in thereeeee!" He said while shaking the bed. It got really quiet all of a sudden. Did Justin leave? Or is he tricking me. Oh he is SO tricking me. But just then i felt someone topple on top of me "I've got you now!" I heard Justin say as he started to tickle me. "S-Stop! I cant b-breath!" I said laughing uncontrollably. "I'll stop once you come out from under the covers!" He said while still tickling me. "OK i surrender!" I said taking the blanket off of my head. Justins face was really close to mine. I dodnt even know he was so close. He was sitting on top of me...crushing me actually. "You wanna get off of me? Im kinda being crushed by you" i said while trying to get him off. "Uh uh no can do sister. I'm staying right here" He said while folding his arms. Well. This just got a whole lot harder. "Ok. Heres the plan. You get off, and ill give you a hug. How does that sound? I said while still trying to push him off. He sat there with a hand on his chin looking up. This boy is gonna be the end of me. "Hmmmmm.....Hmmmmmm....HMMMMM-" "WELLLL?!?" I shouted. Shoot. I really hope nobody heard that. "Oh alright. Ill get off." He sighed getting off. Oh thank goodness i could feel my stomach again. "So can i have my hug?" He asked with a pouty face. "Come here." i said as i held out my arms. But Justin had a different plan. He pulled me on top of him so i was sitting on his lap. He hugged quite tightly if i may add. Whats up with him. "Your so know that?" He said while snuggling his head into the crook of my neck. "Oh i know" I said while putting my hand through his hair. But just then Justin looked up and looked into my eyes. He started to lean in....


Hey ya'll! lol im pretty mean with that ending right dere.

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