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3. for Elin1Dforever

*** This is for Elin1Dforever/Elin! She is awesome! Become a fan of hers and check out her two novellas 1D imagines and won't forget about you! She wanted a long one so I tried!***


Elin's pov.

Harry and I decided to have a party at our house on my birthday! I was so excited! We sat together in the corner of the livingroom. He was on the couch and i was on his lap. We talked about what i wanted for my birthday."Harry all i want for my birthday is to stay here with you!". Harry picked me off his lap and kneeled on the floor holding out a small blue box.right then i knew what he was doing.


"Elin will you do me the honor to marry me?". i didn't know what to say! "Yes Harry, yes!!!".  he picked me up and twirled me around.

~ few weeks later ~


" Harry we were just talking!". Harry and i were arguing. He drove past me when I was talking to an old highschool friend of mine. harry thought were having a "Deep conversation". Whatever that is.

"Harry why don't you believe me!?". "I refuse to marry a girl who lies to me and cheats!". he left my house and slammed the door behind him.

Harry's pov.

I left the house and slammed the door not regretting what I said to her. I went in my car and drove home.

When I got home my mum was sitting on the couch watching tv. "Where were you love?". I just ran to my room and flopped on my bed. Then, my phone chimed.


Harry plz come back I need you. Your my fiancé!


Idk if I trust you!


We'll I trust you.


Fine come over to my house plz!


Kk. Come pick me up 😉

~ end texting ~

I put on a nice jacket, took my car keys and went on the car. Elin didn't live that far from me so it was about a 5 minute drive.

When I got to her house Elin was sitting on the front porch reading a book. She looked beautiful in her skinny jeans and pink top.

Elin's pov.

Harry's van pulled up on my driveway while I was reading a book. "Hello sweety!". Harry said nicely." I've decided sice were getting married... Maybe we should pick out a tux and dress!".

~ an hour later ~

Harry's pov.

Elin twirls around in a beautiful white strapless dress. In my head all I can think of is her and me starting a family! "Harry! Harry!". Elin slightly screams. I snap out of my daydream. "What do you think of this dress? Does it make me look fat?". She sounded worried.

"I think you look beautiful in it!". I was drop dead serious saying that. She goes In the changing room to take it off. Elin comes back out with her skinny jeans and pink top on. She was holding the strapless dress.

Elin's pov.

Harry and I can to the counter. We bought the dress! I thought it was cute! Now it was time to go rent a tux for harry!

A/N The reason the dress was bought and not rent was because Elin wanted to remember this moment by saving the dress.

The tux store was right next to the wedding dress store. So Harry and I just walked to it.

When we came inside the store had tuxes hung everywhere! Most if them looked the same. Just plain black. Harry picked out a few tuxes and went in the changing room. After a few minutes Harry had rented a tux and we had drove home.

Harry's pov.

~few months later~

Here comes the bride was playing. Elin was in her beautiful dress and was walking down the ile lead by her father. I was sweating. Elin came to me and I grabbed her hands. The preacher said some things. Then, I put a ring on her finger and she puts a ring on mine. "You may kiss the bride".

I slowly lean towards Elin and she leans towards me. Our lips touch." I now pronounce you husband and wife!".

Bella's pov.

~ few years later ~

Our baby girl named Emma cries from her bedroom. I run in to stop her from crying. Harry comes in the room and wraps his arms around me. " I'll take care of her. You need to rest.". I hand Emma over Harry's arms. " I'm so lucky to have you Harry!". He kisses my forehead and I leave the room. I lay on my bed thinking I'm probably the luckiest girl on earth. A few minutes later in happily asleep.


A/N I hope you liked it Elin!! I think it's the best I've ever written! I loved how this turned out! It was long and dramatic and romantic! Plz leave more suggestions! I would love to do a second one for some ppl! Thx!!!

- candypuppy55/ christy!


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