🆔 imagines!

These are imagines for ppl!! Plz comment ur name and what boy you want! ( it can also be like justin beiber! Or like a crush u have at school. Just put a name.) I will try to get to all of them plz become a fan and like my movelas! Check out my movella the boy!
- candypuppy55/ christy!


1. For directioner/forever

*** I got this idea from SMD1120! This one is for directioner/forever! She is a great author! This person is Harry!***

"Stop it harry!". I yelled as he tickled me."I won't stop until you-". He stopped. "Until I what?". Harry kneeled down on the ground holding out a little velvet box! " I won't stop until you marry me.". I felt many feelings. I felt excited and happy!

"Yes I whispered. Yes. One thousand times yes!!!". I got louder. "Sssshhhh. My mum is sleeping upstairs!". "Oh right! Sorry!". I whisper screamed.

Getting ready for the wedding was going to be great! I was more excited than anyone can be before there wedding!

A/N sorry that it was pretty short! It's night time and I'm pretty tired. Plz comment your name and what boy you want!( it can be like justin beirber or a crush from school. Just comment a name! Thx!!

-candypuppy55/ Christy!

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