Who I Thought He Was

Hi. My name is Kaylie. I live in New York City with my Aunt. My parents died when i was younger and i didnt have any siblings so its just me and her. My best Friends are named Ryan and Chaz. They're the only people in the world that get me. We go to school together and do pretty much everything else together too. When Ryan suddenly has to move to Canada things get hectic. Then Chaz moves to Canada too. My life starts falling apart because i lost the 2 most important people to me. My aunt allows me to go visit them in Canada, but when i get there...they are no where to be seen.....


1. Where are you guys?

Kaylie's P.O.V. 

I finally got to Canada and i was so excited to finally see Ryan and Chaz. 

I collected my luggage and decided to call them. 

On the phone: 

Kaylie: Hello Ryan? Chaz? Anybody?

Then suddenly i heard a voice that was way too familiar. 

Person: Hi. Is this Y/N?

Kaylie: Why yes it is. Can i please talk to Ryan or Chaz?

Person: They're not available. Can i take a message babe?

why on earth is this guy calling me babe. 

Kaylie: just tell them to give me a call ASAP.

Person: okay. bye beautiful. 

End of phone call. 

Well that was weird. Who was that? and why does he think its okay to call me babe? im nobodys babe. nobodys. 

I decide to go to the nearest Starbucks cause you know, thats what we white girls do. I order my drink and while im waiting for it i hear...


I quickly turn around and there he was. 

looking as handsome as ever. i couldnt take my eyes off of him. ive always wanted to meet him in person. i owned every single piece of merch possible, every song, album album. i know every lyric by heart. I couldnt believe my eyes. and then the best thing ever happened. he walked over to ME! 

Justin: Hello Beautiful. 

Kaylie: Hi! OMG! Are you really here? I'm dreaming arent i? i know i am. 

Justin: No no babe im right here. 

babe. why does that sound so familiar. 

Kaylie: Well this just turned into the best day of my life! 

Justin: Haha well im glad. Here...take these.

He handed me three tickets. 


Okay Y/N calm down. 

Justin: Haha yes they are. i want you to come to my concert tonight. 


Kaylie: But i have no one to come with me. 

Justin: I think i know 2 guys that would love to go with you 

And right when he said that..i saw my 2 best friends come in the store. 

Kaylie: Ryan? Chaz? 




Hi guys!! okay so im pretty new to this writing thing and im not so good at it...as you can see. BUTTTT with feedback and different ideas it would be totally awesome to write more for you guys! so with that said..please like and favorite and i will try to update as often as i can! love you guys! 

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