Stranded With Them! *Harry Styles FanFic*

Meadow and Emma are Best Friends. Emma won tickets to go on a Vacation to Hawaii with one person. Emma Decided to take her best friend Meadow. They both get on a plane. The two things they don't know about is that One they are on the same plane as One Direction. Emma is a huge fan but Meadow hates them so much. Two that they plane is going to crash. One Direction, Meadow, and Emma are the only survivors. What will they do? What are things that they need to survive?


4. Where Are We and The Storm Again!!!!!

*Emma's POV*

I was so happy to see One Direction. Of Course Meadow was was not.

*18 Hours Later*

We were crashing what. No this can't be happening. No I am not ready to die yet. Someone help us. Please save us!

*Meadow's POV*

"Meadow please wake up. Please. I cant lose you." I heard someone say.

Am I dead? I don't know. I slowly opened up my eyes and saw Emma looking down at me.


"Meadow. Omg your okay. Thank goodness."

"Where are we?"

"I dont know we are somewhere. Remember the plane crash?"

"Plane Crash?"


"All I remember is the bad storm."

"Oh thats right you blacked out. Well, the plane crashed and lucky I got you out and I was okay. You have some scratches and they are really bad too."

"Oh, and yah I see that. Ill be okay."

Emma helped me up and we walked along this beach. there was sand and look like trees right behind it. We keep walking and then I saw someone.

"Emma i-is that s-someone?"

She looked.

"Meadow yes yes it is. I'll get them."

Emma ran ahead of me and was calling them.

"Hey. You! Hey."

I didn't want to run cause of the cut on my leg so I didnt run after her. I slowly walked over to her.

"Omg. Your okay. I am so glad." I could hear Emma yelling.

I walked over to her and saw 5 guys. They look so familiar. I kept looking down the line and Harry was standing there.

"Harry omg I thought I never see you again." I said and hugged him.

"I know Meadow I know."

"Meadow." Emma said.

"Yah?" I looked at her.

"Since when did you met Harry?"

"When you went home I went out for a run and over heard Taylor say mean things to him so once she left I went over and cheered him up."

"Awww." I heard the boys say.

"Well, did you know he is in the band One Direction."

My happy face went to mad and upset. 

"What!" I said.


I looked at Harry with a sad face. Then I looked down and walked away from them.

"Meadow wait." I heard Emma say.

I then turned around.

"No Emma, you stay with your boy band and Im going to go and find a way out of this place im staying here with them! I'm Sorry Harry but..... I got to go."

I walked away from them. I really didnt want to be mean but I didnt want to be anywhere near them. I walked away and sat down. I was far enough so I could see them but not hear them. I sat down on the sand and looked out at the sea. It was really dark still cause of the storm and the sand was still dry. So I think that the storm was headed this way. It was really close too. I looked over at the group and they all where running to me. Great.

"Meadow. Come on it is going to be a bad storm. Let's go."

I turned my head and ignored them. They all ran passed me. Thank god. I was going to turn me head but then I was picked up bridal style. What the heck. I looked back the other way and it was .....

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