Stranded With Them! *Harry Styles FanFic*

Meadow and Emma are Best Friends. Emma won tickets to go on a Vacation to Hawaii with one person. Emma Decided to take her best friend Meadow. They both get on a plane. The two things they don't know about is that One they are on the same plane as One Direction. Emma is a huge fan but Meadow hates them so much. Two that they plane is going to crash. One Direction, Meadow, and Emma are the only survivors. What will they do? What are things that they need to survive?


8. We Found Them

*Emma's POV*

We finally got something to eat and started to walk back to the beach where we ran from.

"I have a question....." Liam asked


"Why does your friend hate us?"

"Oh Meadow. Here is the thing she, she does not hate anyone of you guys. She may act or look like she does but she really likes you guys. She just likes Country more then Pop and also she hates the fans and crap. She hates how all of your fans treat you differently and she also hates how when ever they met you the dont treat you like regular guys they only love you for your fame and crap. That is why."

"Ahhh, I see now. I like this girl." Louis said.


We walked and made it back to the beach. We walked for a while and I saw where amber was sitting cause there was a blood line from her leg in the sand. We kept walking and could not find them anywhere.

"Meadow." I yelled.

We listened and nothing was said or heard. 

Wa walked a little bit longer.

"Hey guys lets spilt up." Zayn said.

"Good Idea." Liam said.

"I call going with Emma." Niall said raising his hand.

"Okay." I said smiling and laughing. Niall and I went diagonal to the forest area.

We chatted for a while and then Heard Yelling.

"Niall, listen."




We heard again.

"Meadow keep yelling." I yelled.

We ran to the voice and saw Harry and Meadow there on the beach side.

"Baby Dow"


She said getting up and hugging me. 

*Meadow's POV*

We stood there hugging and once we were done the boy next to Emma and Harry hugged then I looked at Em and then at the boy next to her.

"Are you okay? How is your leg?" Emma kept asking me.

"I-Im fine. It hurts a little bit but Harry took care of me. Oh Also Thanks Harry." I said smiling at him and we hug. 

"Thats good."

"Yah. "

"So who is this?" I asked looking at the blonde hair boy.

"oh Dow this is Niall. Niall that is Meadow."

"Hi, Niall. You can call me Dow if you want too." I said putting out my hand,

but instead got a big hug. I hugged him back and then stood back by Harry.

"So, Where are the others?" Harry asked.

"Oh they are this way. Well, go get them. Stay here. Okay?" Emma said.

"Oaky." I told her.

They walked away and Harry and I sat back down on the shore. I stood back up and walked into the water. Harry followed after me. I looked at Harry and Splashed him with water. He looked over at me and laughed and so did I.

I was laughing so hard that I didnt pay attention and Harry Splashed me with water.

"Oh its on Hazza."

"Bring it Baby."

We ran around splashing each other and Harry was chasing me and I ran out of the water and on to the sand. I look back and he is still after me. I kept running around till I trip over my own feet and I roll over and Harry tries to stop but fails and falls on top of me.

"Oh my god. I am so sorry Love."

"Harry. Its fine."

He smiled at me and I smiled back. We just stay there smiling at each other. I have known him for a while but I just want to kiss him. He is such a cutie.

I looked at his eyes and he looks at mine. God I Love Green eyes so much. I saw him look down then back at my eyes. I looked down and he laughed a little. Then he leaned in a little I looked at his eyes as we were only a few inches a part.

We both leaned in together and our lips met each other. It was the most amazing thing ever. Sparks were flying and everything. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he moved so he could pick me up bridal style. Our lips never stopped kissing each other. He spun me around and we stopped and looked at each other.

"Sorry." I said looking down.

"Sorry for what?" He said.

"For Kissing you."

"Love, I wanted to do that. No need to be sorry about it.  oh and also your a really good kisser" He said winking at me.

I smiled at him and he kissed me again. Then we heard someone yell:


We both stopped and looked. Emma and all the boys were back. I just hid in his chest since he was holding me.

"Louis. Whats wrong?" Harry said.

"What about us?"

I told Harry to put me down so he could go and hug Louis cause I knew he wanted too. Harry put me down and then ran to Louis. They stood there hugging each other.

"They are a bromance everyone calls Larry. Dont Worry Dow they are just messing around." Emma told me.

"Oh, I see now. I still scared cause I dont really know them and I dont want to be here you and you know that but if we are going to survive we have to get along right?"


"Fine, I will do my best, but to be honest I really dont hate them just there......"

"There what?" Harry said.

"I dont hate any of you guys. I just hate the fans and stuff. But I love you guys. You guys seem pretty cool" I said smiling.

They all smiled too.

"Who I would like to know..... What is all your guys names?"

"Im Louis, thats Zayn, Niall and Liam."Louis said.

"Well, its very nice to met you all" I said smiling.


~Author's Note~

Hey guys. Do you guys like it? Im kinda running out of ideas. so if you could comment then or something that would be great. I really hope you guys like this book or any of my other books. thanks guys luh every since one of you. Bye guys.



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