Little Me

Little Mix are grown and they have children and husbands. But are still performers. What happens when Jade's daughter, Jasmine, finds out who she really is? Find out in... This story!


3. Chapter 1- Paisley

Hi, Im Paisley. You probably don't know me. Because I'm the kid that sits in the back of the classroom, never raises her hand, never is in P.E or Lunch, and never speaks. Well that's me for ya. And my parents, well they are Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik. But no one knows, even though my name Paisley Malik gets called out EVERYDAY. But no one seems to notice. Everyone calls me stupid because, 1) I'm blonde and ) That show A.N.T Farm has a character named Paisley and she's blonde. But she's the stupidest person you will ever meet. And what's amazing is the girls that call me stupid has an I.Q of, well, a baby. And all the boys throw spitballs at me. But there's one boy at school that i fear the most. Tommy Tomlinson. He beats me up everyday. Bad part is... I see him EVERYDAY. Because our dad's are best friends. And he doesn't tell anyone who my parents are because i would get more and better attention then him. His mom is a model and his dad is a singer. While both my parents are famous singers. "Oi, Paisley." I turned around to receive a slap. I held my tears and bit my lip. "Talk." Tommy demanded. When i didn't he punched me in the gut. Causing the air to be knocked out of me and i fell on the floor. "Talk." He demanded again. I didn't and he repeatedly kicked me. "Stop." I whispered. But he didnt hear me. He finally stopped when the bell rang, signaling it was time to go home. But i didn't move. I just sat there. I finally got up and walked to my mum's car. "Hey, mum." I said as i got in the car. "Louis' and Tommy's coming over today." mum said. I gulped. "What's wrong? You look pale." she asked concerned. "Oh, it's just that i remembered i have a big test tomorrow and i need to study a bunch." I said. She nodded. Pretty soon we pulled up at my house, and before long, so did Tommy.






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