Superman (Louis Tomlinson)

I am tired of everyone telling me what to do. All these rumors about me being gay is tearing me apart. I just can't handle it anymore. I want to find someone who I can call mine without them just wanting me for the fame or the money. Why can't I find someone? I closed my eyes and heard a sweet soft voice singing. I opened my eyes and crept towards my door. I looked through the crack to see the most beautiful girl ever in my sisters bedroom singing. I want to know her. I want her to be mine.


3. Skating.

Louis's POV:

Skating with my sisters. Yeah still can't make that sound good even in my head. I groaned as I got into the driver sit of the car. All my sisters jumped in, even Ashlyn came along. When we got to the rink I was sitting on the bench tying my skates on when she sat down next to me. She looked a little disappointed. 

"Something wrong Ash?" I asked. 

Her eyes widened and she tilted her head at me with a surprised expression. I wasn't sure why until I realized I said Ash.

"I'm sorry..." I muttered.

"No it's fine, no one has called me that before." She giggled.

"Really? What do people call you then?" I asked.

"Ashlyn, or just Lyn." She sighed.

"Oh I see. Well is something bothering you?" I asked.

"Lottie ditched me for a guy in the arcade. I think he's her boyfriend because they kissed and they were hanging all over each other." She frowned.

"Well I did warn you she's bad." I winked then standing up I extended my hand to her. She looked at it confused. "Skate with me." Her confusion disappeared and a smile replaced it. She took my hand and I lead her out with the others. She was very clumsy and I found her holding tightly onto my arm. This made me smile. Then we were waved over by Liam and his girl.

"Hey Liam, Mansi." I said leading Ashlyn back onto the safety of the carpet. She sat down on the bench and let out a sigh of relief. 

"Who's this?" Mansi asked.

"Lottie's friend Ashlyn. She's new to town." I said taking a seat on the thin wall separating the rug and rink. 

"Really? How old are you?" Mansi asked taking a seat next to her.

"I'm eighteen." She said politely. 

My eyes widened, she was three years older than Lottie. I thought she was the same age as Lottie. Liam looked over at me with a huge smile on his face. I rolled my eyes and rolled over to the food court area. Harry pulled me down next to him and I looked at him confused.

"So Ashlyn is cute." He winked.

"Should you being saying such things when you have a girlfriend?" I teased.

"Well she is. Anyways lets head to the mall." He shrugged.

"With all my sisters?" I groaned.

"Oh it'll be fine they have the girls." Harry laughed. 

I sighed and nodded. Everyone got in the cars and headed off to the mall. There it seemed everyone split up. I took my sisters to meet me back in the front at five. They all agreed then quickly ran away from me. I walked the mall with Harry because his girl ditched him to be with Mely, Zayn's girl. Then I heard a girl yell "get away from me asshole." We both turned to see Ashlyn getting tugged and pulled on by some jerks. I walked over and stepped between them. With one of my fists above her head on the wall I turned my head to look at the guys. They all tucked their tales and ran away. I let my fist open and my hand fall down. I looked down at Ashlyn who looked surprised to see me. 

"Are you alright Ash?" I asked.

She didn't say anything she just jumped up in my arms squeezing me tightly. I was surprised but wrapped one arm around her and hugged her back. I looked over at Harry who was giving me the thumbs up. I rolled my eyes at him as she let me go.

"Thank you so much!" She said before jumping up again but this time kissing my cheek. After her lips left my face my hand automatically rested on top of where she kissed. I felt my face even heat up for a moment there.

"Where's Lottie?" I asked.

She shrugged and frowned. 

"Wanna join us?" Harry asked still smugly smiling at me.

"Sure! I'd love to!" She smiled. I followed closely behind Harry and her. I was still in a slight daze. She bought a few things and around four fifty we were back at the front. Everyone was there except for Lottie. I groaned and told my sisters to wait there and I would go find her. Sure enough I found her in Hot Topic with some guy.

"Lottie." I groaned.

She turned around with a frown on her face. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to the front with her boyfriend following us. 

"Dude lay off my girl." He sounded absurd. 

"Dude like she's my sister." I spat in his face. 

We all got into the car and she was still pretty pissed off at me. Which I honestly didn't even care about right now. I was a little ticked off at her. First off she ditched Ash in the rink to fool around and then she does it again. What if Harry and I weren't there then what could have happened to Ash?! 


A/N What do you think could have happened? :) Do you think Louis is starting to get feelings for Ashlyn? Do you think she feels the same? Comment below!

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