Superman (Louis Tomlinson)

I am tired of everyone telling me what to do. All these rumors about me being gay is tearing me apart. I just can't handle it anymore. I want to find someone who I can call mine without them just wanting me for the fame or the money. Why can't I find someone? I closed my eyes and heard a sweet soft voice singing. I opened my eyes and crept towards my door. I looked through the crack to see the most beautiful girl ever in my sisters bedroom singing. I want to know her. I want her to be mine.


17. Beautiful baby.

Louis's POV:

It's been nine months since the baby of Eleanor's was born. I did get the DNA tests like I wanted. She flipped out crazily when it came back negative. I was relieved even though I already knew that there was no possible way that baby could have been mine. Last month Ash gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Gracie. 

Sadly though, Ashlyn didn't get to see her. The birth caused some internal problems in Ash's body. She didn't make it through surgery. Some people told me that I should give Gracie up for adoption because it'll be too hard for me when she gets older and starts to look like Ashlyn. I refused to do that to my baby girl. She's all I have left. 

I live with Harry now. Abby and him broke up because of some disagreements. I don't bring her up because I know he still loves her deeply. Maybe one day fate will bring them back together. Until then he says the only female in his life is Gracie. We both care for her deeply. 

"Hey Lou this came for you." He handed me a letter with sad eyes. I looked at it and realized it was Ashlyn's hand writing. 

 "Hey Lou, if you are reading this then that means I didn't make it. I'm sorry to have to leave you and Gracie. I wanted to spend the rest of my days with you. I never expected my life to be cut so short. Just promise me that one day you will move on, and one day you will find a great mother for Gracie. She needs you to be strong for her Louis. Please be her superman like you were mine. Don't let her get hurt by some boy. I promise I'll be watching over you two. I love you Louis William Tomlinson, forever and always." -Love Ashlyn.

Tears swarmed my eyes as I gasped for air. She was right, Gracie needed me to be strong. She needed a superman and I had to be there for her. I couldn't see myself ever replacing Ashlyn though. But maybe one day I might find a woman who is nice to Gracie. Someone who could be a good mother for her. But no one would have been better than Ashlyn. I will always love you Ash. 


A/N~ Such a sad ending... I wanted to make a twist because most of my stories have happy endings. I may or may not make a sequel for Gracie! So stay tuned! I love you all! x

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