Superman (Louis Tomlinson)

I am tired of everyone telling me what to do. All these rumors about me being gay is tearing me apart. I just can't handle it anymore. I want to find someone who I can call mine without them just wanting me for the fame or the money. Why can't I find someone? I closed my eyes and heard a sweet soft voice singing. I opened my eyes and crept towards my door. I looked through the crack to see the most beautiful girl ever in my sisters bedroom singing. I want to know her. I want her to be mine.


15. Are You Kidding Me?!

Ashlyn's POV:

Did she just say she was pregnant with his baby?! This had to be some fucking joke. I felt my hand tighten up in his. I wanted to punch the shit out of her right now. Louis let go of my hand and my heart dropped. He didn't really believe her did he?! Ugh! 

"Get inside." He growled at her before grabbing my hand again. We all went into the living room and sat down. She had a smug look on her face. She had this planned didn't she?! 

"How far along are you.." He asked as he took a seat next to me and handed her a drink. 

"3 months." She smiled. "Louis I want you to be in your baby's life." 

"Eleanor..." He groaned. 

"We can be a happy family just like we used to talk about!" 

"He's moved on!" Lottie yelled. 

"Shut up!" 

"Come on Lottie lets go upstairs..." I mumbled standing up. 

When we reached her room I fell to my knees and cried. I was going to lose him wasn't I?! She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me softly. Fizzy ran over and joined the hug. Why was I in so much pain? I didn't want to lose him! He's different...

"Ash..." I turned my head to see Lou standing up at the door. "Can we talk in my room please.." 

I nodded and stood up. I followed him to his room even though I knew he was about to break up with me to be with her. I mean why wouldn't he? She's carrying his baby after all. He shut the door as I leaned against the wall staring at me feet. He trapped me between both of his arms and started kissing me. This was a cruel thing to do if he plans on breaking up with me. I pushed him away and tears started falling from my cheeks. 

"I'm not breaking up with you Ash." He whispered against my neck. 

"Y-you're not?" I looked at him confused. 

"There's no way that baby is mine. I broke up with her three months ago and the last time we had sex was about five months ago. She's so stupid to think that she could pull that over on me." He growled. 

I stood there silent. 

"Plus there is only one girl that I want to be with." He smiled lifting my chin up and kissing me softly. He pulled me in his arms embracing me tightly. "I love you Ash."

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