Our christmas


1. Christmas

"Wake up the baby is crying and I don't know what to do please get up" Harry said shaking me.I got up from the bed and went to his crib.I got him out of the crib and fed him "Harry" I said "come help me with Corey" said loudly "go get a diper from the baby bag"I said nervously"why"he "he says "cause you get change the baby" I say " we have to go to you parents house and eat dinner" he said fastly "oh shit we got only 10 minutes left to get ready" I said madly.So I ran to Corey's room and picked out some clothes with an elf and a Christmas tree on it.So I went to the sitting room and grabbed Corey to put his adorable clothes on him I put him in his clothes and put him in his car seat we drove to his parents house "okay act normal be calm they Will love you"he said impantiently "calm down your freaking out"I said bending over unbuckling Corey"how can I stay calm with your fit ass" he whispered in my seductivly "last time you said those words nine months later we had Corey so this fit ass is mine"I whispered "point takin" he said I grabbed Corey and carried him to the house where Harry opened the door to be greeted by many people I only knew a few of them.My mom came in there with me all of sudden she wanted to hold him.She picked him up and he started screaming half to death "mom why did you wake him up" I said madly " I didn't mean to" she said impatiently. She went and sat down on the couch, she tried to give him his pacifier but he didn't take it " give him to me" I said frequently.She handed Corey to me and he stopped crying right when she gave him to me.The food was ready so me,Corey,and Harry went to the dinner table ant eat.we started eating and then cored started to cry so i got his bottle full of milk and gave it to him.After we got done eating we had to open presents.I got mine and Corey's presents together Harry just got his by himself.and we left " that was horrible "he said "why did you have to argue with your mum at my mum's house he said as we walked in to the house" so you blame me"I said kind of shocked he hugged me and kissed my forehead "no everyone was kind of stressed I don't blame you at all I love you"he said " I love you too" I said I let go of him and grabbed Corey and put him in his crib. And I went to Harry and kissed him "I love you" I said against his lips "I love you too"

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