Through the Dark

Payton is just an 18 year old girl that was heading to her friend Clary's friend house when she got ambushed sorta by her favorite band, The Wanted. She doesn't know its them at first but Clary's friend Zayn comes out to help her and so does his four friends. While Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry were chasing them off, Liam checked on Payton.
Will Payton and Liam end up together, or will the guys from The Wanted get in the way?


6. Who are You?

    Paytons POV

  I sit up only seeing an empty room with simple furniture. Is this my old house? I walk some and I go up the steps to see a door open and its my old room back when my parents were alive. I see a kid in there and she looks like how I was when I was little. I go down the steps and I see my parents in the kitchen making dinner. I hear glass shattering and a bullet go into my mom first right in the heart, then a bullet into my dad's head. I turn around when I hear a little girl screaming, and I see its a 7 year old me with tears streaming down her face. She says "Mommy!!! Daddy!!!!" She walks into the kitchen and turns to the window seeing no one, only a window with two bullet holes......


   I wake up with a scream and start to cry some, why is that dream coming back... I haven't had that one for years. I still have no clue who killed them. The only thing police knew was that it was something that my parents did to cause it, but not hurt me. We all thought it was strange that they never came for me, it's like they had a plan for me when I was older.....

   I didn't notice that someone was near me until I felt an arm around my back. "Payton are you ok? I'm here don't worry." I regconzied the Wolverhampton accent in his voice, Liam. " Ya, just a really bad dream... One that I haven't had in about 7 years....." I tried to stifle a sob, but Liam wiped my tears and pulled me into his chest. Trying to help me calm down. "Shhhhhhhhhhh, it's ok, I'm here, you're safe. Do you want some chocolate?" I nod my head and Liam stands up offering a hand to help me up.

   Liam told me to sit on the sectional couch and to turn the tv on to whatever I wanted, so I put it on Disney channel. He came back with some popcorn, Sprite for me and a Dr Pepper for him, some chocolate bars, and a blanket. "Really? Disney?" He gives me a funny look and I say "Yes! I love Disney!!" He chuckles and sets everything on the coffee table. I ask "Is it ok if I lay my head on your chest? I'm still shaken up from that dream.." He nods his head. I open a chocolate bar and start to eat it. Liam puts his arm around me while my head rests on his chest.

  **Next morning** Clary's POV

  I walk downstairs after Harry knocks on my door for breakfast and see Payton and Liam fast asleep on the couch. I keep walking into the kitchen which is open to the living room and grab some bacon and pancakes. I turn around and see Liam is trying to lay Payton down gently onto the couch. "Awwwwwww, I think Liam has a crushy!" I say aloud. He blushes and gets some food. I'm already finished eating so I go sit in the chair by Payton. I see her start to squirm some and I hear her say "Get away from me.." I go over to her and shake her "Pay wake up!!!" She shoots her eyes open. "Clary, the dream is back, and another one came with it just now...." I hug her and I see Liam come behind her to rub her back. I told her he would be good for you. I see pain writing all over his face. "PayPay, do you wanna go get changed?" She nods her head and he picks her up with a hand under her knees and another under her back. He carries her up the stairs and I turn to the boys. Harry says "They NEED to date!" We all nod our heads.

   The doorbell rings and I go and open the door. Two girls stand there, one with dyed pink hair and one with brown hair. "Who are you?" The pink haired one answers "We're Perrie and Eleanor, Zayn and Louis's girlfriends."


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