Through the Dark

Payton is just an 18 year old girl that was heading to her friend Clary's friend house when she got ambushed sorta by her favorite band, The Wanted. She doesn't know its them at first but Clary's friend Zayn comes out to help her and so does his four friends. While Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry were chasing them off, Liam checked on Payton.
Will Payton and Liam end up together, or will the guys from The Wanted get in the way?


10. What Should We Do Now?

                      Niall's POV

  We've been in our beach house for about two weeks. the boys know we need to be getting ready for an attack, moving, and protecting Payton. Liams grown close to her... I don't know if it's good or bad yet that he did... "Niall why are you up?" I turned around and saw Harry. "Just trying to figure this plan out. They're closing in on our location every single day and they know who and what she is. They won't stop looking until it's after the date and you know that." He ran his palm through his curls. "I know Ni, I know. But where else can we go right now? This is the only house off their radar." I gave him a look and he shook his head no, "We are NOT contacting the agency!" "We don't have a choice Harry. Be quieter or else your gonna wake up the whole house." He kept shaking his head, Zayn came in at that moment along with Louis. "Thanks for the wake up boys, be glad you only woke us up and not the girls. Liam's making sure they're gonna be ok then he's coming down as well." Louis said. "Ya why are you two still up?" Liam came up to the rest of us asking that. "Niall here thinks we need to contact the agency. Which is bloody mad cause we don't know if they are moles there or if they want her for the same reason as Wanted do." Harry why are you overreacting.. "Well I'm pretty sure the girl can handle herself. Her parents weren't stupid enough to not give her combat training. She just doesn't know what she is." Liam said staying on my side. "I' with Niall Harry, agency is the best shot we have at getting her safe. We just need another safe house and then we're going off gird for them again." Zayn said calmly. "But I have a bad feeling."

                     Max's POV

  Well they are finished. We finally found them. Boss is stressing that we stay back until a few days before. But they are already about to move her and it hasn't even been a month. I rang for my boss, "What is it Max. I'm getting impatient with..." "We found her, she still doesn't have a clue on who she really is. But One Direction are about to contact THE agency." "Well make sure we have control of...." "Already have, Siva and Tom took care of all of them, you now have full control of the agency." "Good, in a few hours scare them in to calling, but don't get away with the girl fully. Don't kill any of them just yet either. Let's play a little game with them shall we?"

  I smirked and hanged up. Oh this is going to be fun, torturing them.

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