Through the Dark

Payton is just an 18 year old girl that was heading to her friend Clary's friend house when she got ambushed sorta by her favorite band, The Wanted. She doesn't know its them at first but Clary's friend Zayn comes out to help her and so does his four friends. While Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry were chasing them off, Liam checked on Payton.
Will Payton and Liam end up together, or will the guys from The Wanted get in the way?


12. To Close for Comfort

      Payton's POV  **1 Day Later**

   All of our stuff is in the two cars, the boys are ready to move again any day now for my safety. I don't wanna put them in danger, especially Clary and Liam. I just have a bad feeling. The door to my room opens and see Max from The Wanted. I get up immediately and back away as far as I can. "Hello there Payton. How have you been?" he starts to smirk. "Where are the boys? Where's my friend? How did you get up here?" He comes a step closer and I get closer to the unplugged lap Liam said to have ready. "Princess don't worry they're safe for now. THey don't even knownI'm up here. Now be a good girl and come with me, willingly." I have my hand on the lamp and wait for him to step close enough. "Come Payton we don't have all day now do we?" Come on Max a little closer.. He gives me no choice in nowhere to go as his body pins me against the table. "Come on princess." He said that harsher this time. He puts his hand on my cheek. "Why did you fall for Liam. You could have been with me. Which now you don't have a choice." He starts to lean towards my neck. One thing my parents had me remember was certain rules, and he's breaking the first rule. I hear my mom's voice in my head "Rule number 1 sweetie, if you have a....goal, don't get distracted by anything or anyone to achieve it." Which his lust is getting the better of him lucky me.

  I knee him down there and he doubles over in pain. I smash the bottom of the lamp on his head making sure to not kill him. He's in confusion now.. I run to the door but he manages to grab my foot so I fall. "LIAM!!! HARRY!!!! NIALL!!!!! SOMEONE HELP!!!!!!!" I try to get out of his grasp but he pulls me closer. He pulls me close enough where I can kick him right in the nose so I do so and I hear a crunch. He lets go to hold his bleeding nose. "Siva, Tom, get her!!" I stand up and see two more guys looking like Siva and Tom from The Wanted come in. One has some rope in his hands... Well that's just swell, they were gonna tie me up. I take a starting position that my parents taught me. See another good thing, as soon as I could walk my parents taught me how to fight, then my grandparents continued it.

  "Come on boys scared to fight a girl?" They don't hesitate. They come closer and Siva tries to punch me while Tom tries to swipe my legs from underneath me. Neither of them succeed. I do a back handspring towards Max still lying there in pain. Guess they didn't know I have taken dance and gymnastics since I was have either. I thought I would do it for fun, turns out gymnastics makes you more flexible for dance and dance helps balance for gymnastics. Coincedence right? Max starts to get up so I kick him in the ribs. Tom tries to ram into me, but I knee him in the stomach then do a fan kick to hit Siva in the nose. Now's my chance. I run to my door only to be knocked into by someone.

  "Payton!!! Come on we gotta get out of here!!" I nod at Liam. "What took you so long?" I asked right when we were booking it out the door. I see a guy laying unconcious. "Had to deal with him. I was the only one in the house. The boys and Clary were out in the garage checking over stuff while I was cooking. Plus I had to be catious and throw out the food." He lets me down the stairs first since you know, I'm the one with people coming after me. We hear footsteps coming from upstairs and then some clicking noise.....

  "Liam get down!!!" I push him down on the floor and then I feel a searing pain in my side. I didn't hear a shot, did I? "Payton why did you do that!!" He stands up and puts my arm around his shoulder. I'm pretty much dead weight. "YOU IDIOT YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSE TO SHOOT!!!!!" Wait, why? "This was only to scare them!! Not to harm them, well at least with what can be deadly!!" Now I'm even more confused?

I don't hear anymore once we get outside. I hear Liam yell, "BOYS LOAD UP AND CALL THE AGENCY!!!! THEY FOUND US!!!!P PAYTONS HURT!!!!" I start to feel dizzy. Wait call the agency....... "Liam don't call the agency...... I have a bad feeling......" I almost fall, but Liam scoops up my legs before I even hit the ground. "Why Payton?" "Max said something when he was yelling at whoever shot, and he said "This was only to scare them" Just don't. Please?" He sets me down in some sort of van that I've never seen "I thought?" "This was one of the things we changed so they wouldn't find us." Harry goes into the drivers seat. Louis gets in the passanger, Niall comes to help Liam, and Zayn, Clary, Perrie, and Eleanor are in the very back.

  "How bad is it?" Niall asks Liam when I'm fully concious. "Well seeing as I saw the bullet lodge into a cabinet when we were walking out, it's just a graze." They look at me weirdly "Well one my parents left a smart defensive seven year old, two my grandparents left an even smarter 18 year old, and three I watch a lot of crime shows." I feel a sting in my wound since Niall is trying to clean the wound, in a car. "Well we knew you had some fighting skills, but what else do you know and can do?" Louis looks back at me. "Well when I moved to live with my grandparents I wanted to try dance and gymnastics to be different and have fun. So they agreed since it would probably get my mind off my parents death. Then I had a private instuctor to teach me all these different fighting skills and survival skills. Plus I'm the bomb-dot-com at computers, and knowing something's up. Why won't anyone tell me why The Wanted and whoever they're wokring for is after me. Cause in most movies isn't the age where people come after you before your 18th birthday? Cause I'm almost 19."

 They look at each other weirdly. Ya something is up. I look and see Niall wrapping guaze around my torso to keep this pad in place so I'm not bleeding out as much. Liam looks at me and says, "Once we find somewhere safe we'll tell you everything. But we didn't call the agency when you said not to." Yes, they listened. I have no clue who the agency is, al I know is I have a bad feeling. "Good, Clary hand me my computer so I can hack into whatever 'the agency' is. Then look for a new safehouse." "Sure braniac. She also forgot to mention she graduated with a perfect 5.0 GPA since she took advanced classes." I blush and she hands me the computer bag. "Annd I had a chance to graduate early but decided to stay with Clary. Can you hand me my phone Chase?" She hates me calling her by her last name. She gives me my phone saying "Their you go Swann." I pull out my computer and a cord hooking the cord to my computer then phone. Luckily this van has real plug outlets so I plug my computer charger in since my laptops almost dead.

  I power it on and type in my password I changed it to recently. Well I can't say I'm the fan of The Wanted now can I? Clary knows what it is and she just smirks. I unlock my phone and go into the app I created on my mainframe computer at home. I turn on the hot spot then turn on the location hider. "Niall stop drooling, it's just a simple app. I have more complicated ones." Clary chimes in "She also had the University begging her to come take PhD level computer classes, and others. But she only took the computer on weekends alone." Louis's mouth is wide open now along with Zayn's. "Ya my grnadfather was a computer genius for being somewhat newer than we are to computers." Louis lets out "Well I think that massive brain of hers is a plus IF they get you!!"

  Well one thing down on why they want me. I just want to know why......

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