Through the Dark

Payton is just an 18 year old girl that was heading to her friend Clary's friend house when she got ambushed sorta by her favorite band, The Wanted. She doesn't know its them at first but Clary's friend Zayn comes out to help her and so does his four friends. While Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Harry were chasing them off, Liam checked on Payton.
Will Payton and Liam end up together, or will the guys from The Wanted get in the way?



  HI!!!! I'M BACK BABY!!!!! Sorry only for that chapter, I'm out of school next Monday so I may update then? ;) But no I'm not skipping, just going in late cause of seniors testing. SO I thought "Hey why not update!!" But after next week I won't be able to update till porbably Spring Break. Sorry, I got two pre-ap classes this semester plus dance and dance line try outs are starting soon so I'm going to be busy like always.

  I've missed writing on Movellas so much, I really want to be on here writing more but it's really hard too.

                                                                               Bye lovelies, give me some feedback on the story. I changed my Kik cause of people so I'll try to get it up here soon,

                                                                                                         Amberlee Dollar

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