One thing

Hope y'all like it


2. midnight memories

We just got to the club about five minutes ago and Harry wasn't here yet so I was waiting by the bar Maegan and Liam were walking my way because I walked away when they were kissing but seriously she just met him and she was like all over him "hey wassup Nat"she said obviously she was drunk cause she slurred her words "how are you drunk all ready we got her like five minutes ago " I said Liam looked at me with that don't-ruin-my-chances look but I ignored him "you know I should stop but I'm not gonna well at least not now" Maegan said drinking the rest of her drink before dragging Liam to the dance floor then all the sudden "hey girl what's up omg omg it is true is it true "my best friend Haley "is what true " I asked " you and Harry Styles are dateing " she said "oh that yeah " I said "Hey lov-you look sexy "Harry said from behind me I turn and pecked his lips "hey I hope you don't mind but I brought Louis" he said "oh no it's fine babe"I said then I noticed Louis and Haley staring deep into each others eyes Louis's mouth hung open " hi love you wanna go talk"he finally asked Haley "yeah sure" she said as he grabbed her hand and they went to go sit down across the club. I ruffled Harry's hair "hey you messed up my masterpiece " he said with a pout I kissed him "suddenly I'm fine" he said I giggled

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