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1. meeting boys

I was walking home from work I got fired today so I am still kind of pissed off I was texting my best friend Maegan telling her about why I got fired when some prick runs into me "shit"I said as I dropped my phone I pick it up"I'm so sorry " he says "watch where your fucking going" I say still not seeing who ran into me "you know me right" he said I was trying to put my phone case back on " why would I know you" I say quite rudely "because I'm Harry like Harry Styles from one direction" he says " oh I'm so sorry I didn't know I just got fired I'm kinda of pissed off I'm so fucking stupid I can't believe I said all that to you" I say shyly " it is fine no one talks to me like that I kinda of like being talked to like a normal person "he says " can I have your number" "what" I ask very confused " I was wondering if I could have your number you sound like your fun to hang out with" he said "sure i guess " I said write down my number and handing it to him he puts it in his phone and texts me (hey-Harry) " I have to go talk to you later " I say as I take my phone out and walk away texting Maegan everything that just happened. She told me to go to her house so I was walking there when Harry texted me (hey love what are you doing tomorrow ) I texted him back (nothing why do you wanna know ;) Harry ) he texted me back (oh just wondering if you wanted to hang out with me a the guys at our lot and watch movies and what not ) I text him (sure) then I hadn't even realized I was at Maegan's lot I knocked on the door she pulled me in "tell me everything now" she yelled so I told her everything that happen "no way your kidding right he asked you to hang out tomorrow I am going to pick out your outfit come on "she said pulling me to her walk in closet she was going through her clothes see pulled out a really short tight dress I told her no way so we eventually agreed on some skinny jeans and a black tank top with a white see through shirt we eventually passed out on The couches. I woke up to a text (hey we are going to hang out around five I'll pick you up what's your address) I texted him my address and changed into the clothes me and Maegan picked out and went home when I got home I made hazelnut coffee and I was drinking it when I heard a knock on the door I go to open it still holding my coffee "oh hey Harry your early " I said letting him in "well I just wanted to see you so here I am " he said " well make your self comfortable I got to go do something with my hair" I said walking down the hall my hair was naturally straight so I brushed my hair and curled it in loose curls. I walked out and Harry stared at me " what " I said blushing " you look like your trying to impress someone by by dressing up" he said with a smirk "we'll it is defiantly not you" I said he gasped and acted shocked I laughed " well lets get going" he said I nodded as we headed out I got in his black range rover and we drove for about ten minutes we were talking about cupcakes which made him strangely think about carrots so we talked about how strange Harry was when we finally made it to their lot and it was huge but I stayed calm but I did say "wow" very quietly but he heard me and chuckled so when we walked in most of them didn't have shirts on but what surprised me was Niall didn't have trousers on so he sat there in his underwear Liam who was fully clothed came over and introduced himself and hugged me so did Louis who had no shirt on so I was nervous about Higgins him but I did Zayn had no shirt on but he hugged me too Harry came up and hugged me "I just like hugs " he said I giggled and hugged him " so what are doing today " I asked not showing a slightest bit of shyness " we can watch a motive on the Telly " Zayn suggest "okay" I said " let's watch Batman" said Liam "no lets watch Spongebob the movie" said Louis they fought for a while but we eventually agreed on watching Toy Story 3 I sat in the middle of the couch by Louis and Harry while Niall ,Liam,and Zayn sat on the floor.About halfway through the movie I fell asleep. I woke up with my head on Louis's shoulder and his head on mine then I noticed I wasn't the only one that fell asleep cause all the boys were asleep so I snuggled up to Louis and fell asleep again.I eventually woke up again but My head was on Niall's shoulder now and Louis wasn't on the couch anymore but Niall was awake so I got off his shoulder "sorry" I said "no your fine love no harm done are you hungry "he said I nodded "off to the most wonderful place on earth " he said making me giggle "after you" I said as we walked to the kitchen I saw Liam and Zayn arguing on how to wake me I put my finger to my lips signaling Niall to be quiet he nodded and I crept slowly over to Liam "boo" I said I swear he jump five feet of the ground Me and Niall were laughing when Liam picked me up threw me over his shoulder holding on to my legs "I'll give you something to laugh about " he said as he threw me on the couch and started tickling me I was laughing and squirming trying to break through his grip when some one shot him with a water gun I got up and Harry handed me a gun and Louis yelled "WATER GUN FIGHT" I hide behind the couch and Harry came up and said "don't shoot I'm on your team" I sighed "okay but don't slow me down " I said jokingly he nodded and I followed him and we shot Louis and Niall who weren't paying attention then Liam and Zayn were next but they put up a fight then afterwards I shot Harry for no reason we all laughed then went and ordered some pizza while we waited I made cookies which were gone by the time they cooled off but they were amazing we heard a knock at the door we all raced to the door but Niall got there first and paid for it then brought five pizzas to the living room I ate five pieces then I decided I should get going so Harry offered to take me home and I accepted we were driving then we made it to my house he got out and walked me to my door "I had a great time with you today we should do it again sometime" he said "I don't know you aren't that good of a shot with a gun" I teased him " I'll show you one thing I am good at" he said with a smirk " and what is th-" I was cut off when he pushed me up against the wall and kissed me and I kissed back but to my surprise he was gentle and we moved in sync I know it is a figure of speech but I felt fireworks go of he pulled away " I'm sorry so sorry " he said looking at the ground with a frown "Harry" I said pulling chin to look at me "it is fine " I said before pushing him up against the wall kissing him still gentle and in sync he put his arms around my waist I put mine around his neck he pulled away once more " I was just wondering feel free to say no but would you like to be my girlfriend" he asked "of course " I said kissing him once more it felt like we made out for ages then his phone went off "I got to go love the boys need me to practice for the concert in London tomorrow" he said he pecked my lips before running to his car "goodnight" I yelled " goodnight" yelled back before driving away I went in my house changed in to some sleeping shorts and a tank top I laid out my outfit for tomorrow and went to sleep.I woke up to my alarm clock going off I put on some denim shorts that go to the knee and a white shirt with nerd written across it with big black letters I put on some rainbow style suspenders and some converses I pulled my hair in a side ponytail then put on a headband and my green fake glasses grabbed my white Aeropostale jacket before walking out the door I was locking my door "hey" someone says from behind me I swear I jumped five foot of the ground " bloody hell " I yelled before turning around to see Liam laughing his ass off "there..we...are...even" he says in between laughing " hahaha very funny but why are you here" I asked " oh I just wanted to hang out but I see you look like your leaving so I guess I'll leave and go home "he said a little disappointed "I'm going to my best friend Maegan's house but you can come if you like" I said " really" he asked hopefully like a little kid " yeah sure come on let's go "I said pulling his arm to my car I guess he hailed a cab because my car was the only thing in the parking lot oh well we get in the car and drive to maegan's lot we get there we get out and Liam grabs my arm " is she ugly " he asks"no" I said he smirks " is she hot " he asks. " I prefer not to answer that " I said shaking free from his grip I walk fastly to the door Liam trailing behind me I open the door and walk in Maegan walks out of the hall in a tight sky blue dress that reaches her mid thigh it has some jewels on the top half I look to Liam who's eyes are wide open and his mouth hanging wide open Maegan walks over a hugs me " oh my god you Liam Payne "she says smiling he pulls his jacket up and says " why she i am it is nice to meet you " he said she hugs him then she blushes and pulls away Liam starts trying adjust his trousers " where is your toilet " he says blushing slightly Maegan points down the hall he speed off when she heard the door shut she busts out laughing "definitely wearing this dress to the club tonight" she says " your going to the club to night " I question " no we are going the club" she says pulling me to her walk in closet she hands me a neon pink tight short dress " I love it" I sqealed she smiled then handed me some matching high heels " try these on with the dress I will be right back " she says before heading towards the living room I change into the dress and heels they fit perfectly it has been a while sense she left I changed back in to my clothes and headed towards the living room to see Maegan and Liam making out on the couch I love Maegan don't get me wrong but she can be a slut sometimes I clear my throat to get there attention Liam looks at me with wide eyes " great news Liam's coming with us to the club " she says giggling.i invited Harry to go to the club with us and he agrees

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