Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


16. you make me happy

Louis' pov

Phoebe was sitting on the floor, showing her toys to Harry, who was sitting in front of her. Harry smiled so bright when Phoebe showed him a doll that our mom made for her a few years ago. Harry looked so cute and I couldn't help but smile. He was my man, my love, my one and only and I would never let him go again. I didn't understand how i could ever let him go. 'Admiring your boyfriend?' My mom asked. I was startled because I didn't noticed she walked into the room. 'Yes.' I answered. Harry looked at me with sparekling eyes. 


The twins went to bed and Felicité was at a friends house so it were only, me Harry, my mom and my Lottie. Me and Harry were cudldled up on the couch and it felt so great to have Harry's arms around me again. 'We should call the boys and ask them what we are going to do now.' he said. 'Yeah, I don't want our band to end.' I answered. Harry was playing with my hair and I enjoyed it so much. 'What was I thinking?' I asked. Harry gave me a confused look. 'How could I ever let you go?' Harry gave me a kiss on my nose. 'We're together now, ot doesn't matter. I looked over to the other couch, were my mom and Lottie were sitting. I expected Lottie to give us a weird look because we were so cheesy, but instead she smiled and looked back at the tv. 


After an hour my mom and sister went so it was just me and Harry. We were lying down, facing eachother. Harry had wrapped his trong arms round me and I nuzzled me face in his neck. 'I love you.' I mumered. Harry stroke me hair. 'I love you more.'



I woke up by Harry shaking me. 'Wake up! Liam called, we have to go talk to modest!' I groaned. 'C'mon butthead.' Harry threw a pillow on my head. After ten minutes I found the strengt to get out of bed and take a shower. I got dressed and walked down the stairs. 'The boys arrived this morning, we need to go.' Harry said. I quickly mad emyself a sandwish and followed Harry outside. It was cold, the winter was on his way. 


After a long cardrive we arrived at the building, where Liam, Zayn and Niall were already waiting. Harry noticed I was cold se he came closer. 'I wish I could pull you close to me to keep you warm.' He whispered in my ear. I smiled at him, he was so sweet. When the boys saw us Niall ran to me and gave me an attacking hug. 'I missed you!' He cooed. 'I missed you to Nialler.' We gave eachother hugs and went into the building. a not so fun conversation was waiting for us.


Harry's pov

As we walked into the building, I noticed Louis was getting nervous. We stepped into the elevator and I grabbed his hand, stroking it with my tumb. 'It's gonna be alright.' I said. Louis gave ma a nervous smile. Once there,  Jean was already waiting for us, his eyes widened as he saw me and Louis were holding hands. It a way it amused me. 'Take a seat boys.' Jean said, pointing at the couch in his office. I sat next to Louis, wrapping my around around him. 'So, you guys are bacj together I assume?' Jean started the conversation.' We nodded. 'It had to happen some day, they are made for eachother.' Zayn said. Normalle he doesn't say much during these conversations but now he wanted the word. 'I think they should be able to go public like this.' Zayn continiued. Jean let out a fake laugh. 'Oh hell no. We need to restyle Louis, like we did before but better.' I thought I got a heart-attack. 'You were the one that told Louis to put his clothes away in a box and buy new ones.' I almost yelled. Jean looked amused. 'Yes biy, you figured out, smart boy you are. Now how do we make Louis look, you know...less faggot.' Jean smirked. Louis tried to look like he didn't care to be called like that but I still saw the hurt, the hurt on his face when he tried to hide it. I pulled him closer. 'How did you call him?' I said. 'Faggot, f-a-g. Listen Louis is and will always be a faggot, there is noting I can change about is. But I can style him a bit and try to change him a bit by telling him how to behave but he stays gay. I could put him out of the band but you would propably follow him like the little dog you are so I'm keeping him. So wich style are we going to give you?' By now Louis eyes were red, and he was trying his best not to cry. I stood up and walked over to Jean. I was much taller so I almost had too look down. 'Now listen to me you piece of shit! Louis is necessary in the band, without him this band doesn't work. I know you try to break him so he does everything you want him to do. But Louis is Louis and he's not going to change, not for you, not for the media nit for anyone! He's perfect, he looks perfect, he sings perfect, he dresses perfect. Yes he is gay, and so am I, that's who we are and that who we always are going to be. I swear, try to hurt my man one more time and I fuckign quit with this fucked up manegment.' I yelled so loud almost the whole building should have heard it. 'You cant go on without us.' Jean smirked. 'Actually we can.' Liam said. 'I called another one, and the were exited to manag us. They know about Louis and Harry and I just have to give them a call and everything is settled.' Jean gave Liam a dead glare. 'Go on, we'll see what happens to your stupid band. But don't come crwaling back afterwards.' Jean answered. 'Don't worry, we won't.' Louis said.


We walked outside, knowing it was the last time we would ever be in this building. The contract was signed. Liam called our new manegment and we had appointement the very next day. I was relieved this was finaly over, it was time for a now beginning.




Louis pov

We walked into the building of our propably new manegment. It was smaller but cozyer. The staff welcomes us with a friendly smile. It was so different from modest. We took a seat on the couch in the office of a man named Mark. 'So, you guys ended the contract with modest?' He began. We nodded. 'Okay, so, anything you want to tell us? I'm Mark by the way.' 'I'm a fag.' I said as dry as I could. Mark gave me a wierd look. 'No you're not.' He answered. 'Yes I am.' I said. 'You are gay, don't bring yourself down so much.' I smiled. 'I think this guys from your previous manegment tried to break you so you would work they way they wanted, things don't work like that around here.' I couldn't help but let out a sigh in relief. 'So, you guys can sign the contract whenever you want to, you van read it as long as you want to. I don't want to force anything.' Mark said, handing us a bundle of papers. Harry took them and started to read it quickly. 'I think we should just sign it, I have a good feeling about this.' Harry looked at us and we al nodded. 'That's great, I'm happy I can work with you guys.' He gave us all a hand. 'Ow yeah, before you leave, Harry, can I talk to you in private please?' Mark asked. Harry looked at me and I nodded. We left the room.


Half an hour later Harry came out, his face glowing like a Christmas tree. 'What was it about?' I asked. 'Nothing, you will see.' He said. I don't know why, but I had the feeling that things would be alright and I didn't have to worry.

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