Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


11. there for you

A/N: I want to say something to the girls/boys that self harm or used to self harm. Please don't, I know life can be hard but you will only hurt youself. Stay strong and talk to somebody, that can relief. I'm sure you are all amazing people and nobody deserves to hurt him/herself. 


Michael's pov

Today was a lazy day. Me and Harry just explored Sidney. But Harry pithless and it didn't seem like he was enjoying it very much. 'Let's go back home.' I said as he almost fell asleep on the underground. Back home I put in a movie but again Haryr didn't showed must interest. 'I'm going to shower.' He said. I nodded. 


After a while I realised I forgot to put away ma razor. shit. I ran to the badroom and swung open the door. I startled Harry because He dropped one of my razor blades. I was relieved at first but then I realised he acidently cut himself, deep. Blood dripped on the ground and Harry was obviously in pain. I quickly grabbed a towel and put it on the wound to stop it from bleeding. But it was a deeo wound and it needed to be stiched. 'Harry keep your hand on the towel, we need to go to a hospital!' I yelled. I took Harry to the car and rushed of to the hospital as soon as I could. Once there They inmidiatlly helped us. 


I was glad the wound was stiched. But Harry was very pale and in shock. I pulled him close to me and he laid his head on my shoulder. 'I'm sorry Harry.' I said, my voice shaking. 'You don't need to say sorry, I did this myself.' I sighed. 'I'm not going to let you hurt yourself anymore.' I quickly wiped away my tears. 


Before dropping myself in front of the tv I made sure all sharp things were hidden. Harry sat next to me and I pulled him closer. 'Please don't tell anyone about what happpened.' He asked. 'Ofcourse not.'




The next day we did a roadtrip and ended up somewhere in the nature. We kicked a ball and had a laugh. It was an amazing day. Harry seemed to enjoy it. 'It's the first day I feel happy again.' He said as we sat on the hood of the car. I smiled. 'I'm happy to hear that. The sun was low so it made the whole landscape gloom into a beautiful color. 'It's beautiful here.' Harry said. I nodded . 'I know, when I need some time to clear my mind I just drive to places like this.' Harry smiled and closed his eyes. 'Harry, can I ask you a question?' 'Yeah.' 'If you ever feel the urge of cutting yourself, will you tell me.' Harry opened his eyes and looked at me. 'I don't think I will ever do that again. What happened yesterday scared the shit out of me, no I think I learned my lesson.' 'Okay. You scared me too.' I said ruffeling trough my hair. 'I'm sorry, I didn't want to. But thank you for helping me, it means a lot to me.' 'It's okay. I had a moment in my life I felt a little depressed and I almost cut myself, but I didn't. I told Calum and he cried. I never tried it again.' Harry looked at me with big eyes. 'What was wrong?' I looked down. 'I felt fat and yeah...sometimes boys have the same issues as girls. But I'm over that.' 'Luckely.' Harry wrapped his arm around me. 'Do you even realise that when you dye your hair smurf blue you still look aweome?' I chuckled. 'I don't know, I just like to do wierd things.' 'I mean, I  would dye my hair blye people would freak out.' That gave me an idea. 'We should try it.' Harry laughed. 'What?!' 'C'mon, I still have blye hairpaint, let's try it, it washed out after just one time. It's the paint I used to see how it would look like.' Harry looked at me, propably to found out if I was serious, and I was. 'Okay, let's do it.'


I was smearing the blye hairpaint in Harry's curls and he kept chuckling. 'Oh my god, I need to show it my bandmates.' Harry said. After half an hour He washed it out and I dried it and his hair was nog flashy blue. 'Oh my god Michael look!' 'You look like a smurf!' I yelled. We laughed so hard I almost forgot to breath. 'I need to snapchat Lou-oh.' I realised He wanted to say Louis and I wanted him to stay happy so I quickly grabbed my phone.' Let's snapchat Calum.' I said. I took a pic and I got a shocked raction from Calum. Harry's face lit up again and we kept laughing until my cheeks and stomach hurt too much. 'You should dye it blue too.' Harry said. And I did as he said. An hour later we looked at ourself in the mirror and took ridiculous selfies. 'I'm never going to forget this day!' Harry chuckled. I smiled. 'Me neither.' 


'Let's go outside and give some fans a heart attack.' I suggested. We both went out and the girls' reactions were hilarious. People pointed at us and laughed. We took some photo's with fans and ended up in a icecream bar. And to complete it we took blue ice cream. No we would never forget this day. 



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