Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


2. please don't leave me

Harry's pov

There I laid, on my couch, doing nothing. I was thinking back about the time Louis and I still shared this house. Since he left it's empty, quiet and lonely. His stuff was still here though, and he slept here sometimes, but mostly he stayed at his own appartement.


We finally got some time off so the most of us went home. I smiled as I looked at a picture on the wall: a photo of me and Louis, our arms wrapped around eachother, we look at the camera with a big smile. Ahh the x-factor days, those were the days. We were so young and innocent. It was the time without modest! We just did what we wanted to. We were just two young teenagers in love, just like everyone els...oh wait there is a difference: we are two males. I remembered that as soon as we signed a contract with modest! we had to pretend not to be a couple. The hardest part? It's not the fact that people think that I'm a jerk and a manwhore, it's the fact that Louis was forced to date Eleanor. It's hard seeing him close to her all the time. I used to hate her, but I realised it's not her fault and you can say I accept her now.


I grabbed my phone and called boo. I thought back at the time I found out his mom calls him boobear, he was so embarassed but now he doesn't mind it anymore.




My hart fluttered as I heard Louis on the other side of the line. Finally I could tell him I wanted to take him out for a romantic dinner I planned a couple of weeks ago.


'Hi lou, I want to tell you something.'


'Can it wait? I'm cooking dinner.'


'For yourself?'


'No ofcourse not, Eleanor can be here any min- She's there, gotta go. Love you Hazz' 'love you too...'


I sighed. Everything I planned for today...all for nothing... I felt left alone and useless and when that happens, I start to do dumb things like drinking. But not today, I just went back to bed.




Days passed by and I tried to make contact with Louis but he was always busy. Often I just felt like getting him myself but maybe I just let him be, after all I'm his boyfriend, not his mother.


I just decided to call him again.



'Oh, Hi Harry.'

'I was thinking about going out some day.'

'I'm sorry but I already promised Stan to go to a footballmach tomorrow and the day after I see Eleanor to go shopping.'

'And the day after that?'

'I'll propably visit my parents.'

'But is there no time inbetween?'

'I'm sorry, I'm just really busy.'

'I undersand.'


Without saying anything els I just laid in. He just doesn't want to see me anymore...




The doorbell rang, my heart made a happy jump when I saw Louis, but when I saw his expression my smile dropped. 'Lou, are you okay?' 'Can I please come in? I need to tell you something.' Me and Louis took place in the living room. 'Well...' Louis started as he kept fiddeling with his tumbs. 'Harry, this relationship...I, it's difficuld and...' My stomach turned when I realised where he was going. 'Harry we can't keep doing this...' 'You're breaking up with me, just say it.' I said with a broken voice. 'We can't just keep hiding an-' 'I get it!' I snapped. 'Just say you don't want this anymore. I don't want to hear your stupid talks, just say it, or do you think I can't handel it?!' Louis didn't react, he just stared. 'If you really think you're crushing me right now, you're wrong. I'll get over you!' Louis stood up and walked towards the door. 'Okay Harry. Just so you know: I really do love you, I don't want to crush you...But if you want me to leave...' He said with teary eyes. 'Please leave.' Then he left.


I stood at the door, tearing up. 'please come back.' I whispered. 'I need you!' I shouted. But he was already gone. The truth was: he did crush me, and there was no way I could ever get over him.


I slid down the door, pulled my knees up and burried my face in them. Tears started to flow and there was no way to stop them from streaming down my face. Why do I need to fall in love with someone who doesn' love me back? It's not faire.


I went to my bed room, the room that was once mine and Louis'. I grabbed the photoframe from my nightstand and stared at the picture of Louis, before smacking it against a wall. I took of my pants and shirt and went to bed. It took hours before I actually fell asleep.

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