Too famous to love (Larry Stylinson)

There is this perfect plan to hide a love away from the world. But what if the plan gets leaks and love tears apart? Eventually the heart will speak.


4. leaving

Harry's pov

I didn't feel like leaving my bed today, but I had to. Today Louis was going to pick up his stuff, and that hurts because that means he's officialy leaving me.


I took a quick shower and got dressed, a simple black jeans and a white with v-neck shirt. I didn't feel like putting a lot of time in my hair so I just combed it to the side like I used to in 2011.


The bell rang, for the first time I wished it wasn't Louis, but it was him.


'harry.' He said with a half smile. 'Come in.' I answered. Louis walked in but then turned to me. 'It's a long time ago since you did your hair like that.' He said. I nodded. Akward was an understatement.


I sat myself on the couch as Louis packed his stuff, the whole time I was fighting against my tears. I wanted to stop him and beg him to stay.


'that must be everything.' Louis said as he had put seven boxes in the living room. I just stood up and helped him carrying the boxes to his car.


When everything was in the car I was about to go inside again but Louis stopped me. 'Harry, I know you're upset but -' 'No it's okay.' Louis gave me a sorry smile and hugged me. I had to force myself not to hug him back tighter and never let go. 'You'll be okay.' Louis said before stepping into his car. I watched the car drive of and there was no way I could stop my tears any longer, I just collapsed on my driveway.


Louis' pov

This was a day I wanted erase from my mind. Harry never looked so desperare and heartbroken before, and I hated it to see him that way.


I decided to put on the radio in the hope it would brighten up my mood a bit, but instead it gave me shock. It was Harry's song, 'Don't Let Me Go'. Why would they play it on the radio, did he release it himself?


My phone rang and the display showed Niall. 'louis, did you hear the song?!' 'Yeah.' 'Why would he release it?' 'Maybe he didn't release it himself?' 'But people will think he did and they will asume Harry goes solo!' I rubbed my face in desperation. Niall was right, the media would jump on it like a predator on his prey.


'Don't worry Niall, Harry won't leave us.' 'I hope so.' Me too. I thought by myself


I ended my phonecall with Niall and put on the tv but I wasn't in the mood for actually watching it so I started dozing off.


I woke up by Eleanor softly shaking me. 'I made dinner.' She said, pointing at the lasagna on the table. I rubbed my eyes.


'So how was your day?' Eleanor asked as filled my plate with lasagna. 'Shitty.' I simpely answered. 'How comes?' 'I picked up my stuff at Harry's. Eleanor looked at me with a sorry smile. 'He'll get over it.' She said. 'maybe.' But I'm not so sure about myself.



Harry's pov

I just couldn't pay attention during rehearsels, it was only two days until the next show and we were rehearsing in the arena. 'Are you okay mate?' Michael asked. I sighed. 'Y-yeah.' He didn't fall for it. Michael gentely grabbed my arm and took me to the dressing room. 'Tell me what's wrong, you look like you're about to cry. I sat next to him on the couch, thinking about what to say. He didn't know about me and Louis. I always thought the less people that knew it, how smaller the chance it gets leaked. 'Harry, you need to tell me what's wrong.' Michael said with a concerned voice. 'If I tell you you need to promise me not to tell anyone.' My voice shaked. 'I promise.' 'M-me and Louis, we were dating, but not anymore.' Michael didn't react for a moment. 'You mean you and Louis are actually a couple?' 'We were...' 'I-I'm so sorry for you Harry, why didn't you just tell us?' I rubbed my face, trying not to cry. 'Because we are hiding this for three years now, nobody knows, only our own band and sadly our manegment. We are different, I'm not s-suposed to be gay.' Michael looked at me with big eyes. 'You are not different Harry, and what do you mean you're not suposed to be gay? Do you really think you don't have the right to be yourself?' 'I need to look like this famous celeberty that is a total womanizer and doesn't care about others, but in fact I'm just a normaal teenage boy who cries during a sensetiv movie and loves a guy.' My attempts to not start crying failed. 'Don't cry, please...Harry.' Michael wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. 'You have no idea how much I needed that.' I said, my voice still shaking. 'Harry, you just need to be who you are, we are your friends and that's not going to change.'  I smiled and dried my tears. 'Let's go back to the others.' Michael said as he stood up. I took a deep breath and followed him.


I walked back onto the stage where the other boys were talking about the past concerts. Louis looked at me and for a second it looked like he felt sad, but then he looked back at Liam. Niall gestured at me to join their conversation, I was relieved at least he still cared about me.

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