The Truth is Deadly - Divergent Fanfiction

*A Divergent Fanfiction for the contest*
Andrew is Dauntless. Veronica is Abnegation. Their love is frowned upon, but will Candor let them be together without hiding anymore?
My first try at a fanfiction with a bit of romance thrown in... I've only really touched on these two genres before but you got to do stuff that scares you to improve ;) Constructive feedback would be awesome and I apologise if I get any of Roth's facts wrong :)
For some reason the movellas word count says this is over the limit a lot whereas microsoft word says it's not... Just wondering why's that???


5. Heart Break


 “Ronny.” Amish smiled down on me and I’m snapped from my daze. My mind is still plagued by all the uncertainty. Candor must’ve a good reason and I must trust my faction.

Fear makes me numb. Not fear for myself, I can tell the truth, but for Andrew. He jumped on the chaos like a Dauntless. I had no time to talk to him. I wish he’d never gotten two results. Why did he have to be different? All I can do now is desperately hope he doesn’t spill.

I take the seat in the middle of the floor, the room filled with eyes prying the truth. I’m strapped into a glass box. The needle stabs but I barely feel it. The Dauntless serum still pulses through my blood so the funny dots become larger at first.

Then, all the butterflies leave my stomach and it’s as though there’s no danger in sight.

This’ll be easy.

“Full name?” A man in a high chair looks over at me.

“Veronica Varian.” Again, my voice feels disconnected from my body.

“Home faction.”


“Well, that’s the boring stuff out the way-” Interrupted, another man appeared to hand over a piece of paper to the questioner. The questioner raised his eyebrows as he whispered something in his ear.

“What’s wrong?” The need to ask tugs at my mind.

“We’re introducing new questions into the test.” He announced.

After some muttering, the questioner continues, “What did your Aptitude test show?”


“So you’d rather join us then return to your hometown, why?”

“My test results made it obvious I don’t belong there. I’m not good enough for Abnegation. I’d rather look out for myself and those I love rather than everyone else.”

“Why follow your results?

“I want to trust people. I don’t want to hide anything anymore.”

“Hide what?” The questioner leans in.

“I love a Dauntless.” The man with the paper sighs and folds his arms.

“Why hide it?”

“He’s my best friend. I don’t want to lose him. Abnegation won’t approve of affection shown in public and Dauntless won’t approve of a relationship with a stiff.  We met in secret.”

“Couldn’t you have joined Dauntless or he join Abnegation?”

“I’m not brave enough for Dauntless and love made me selfish.”

The man with the paper taps his watch. The questioner sighed, “Will you serve this faction as much as your love stretches for him? Remember, you serve your faction above all else.”

“I will.”

“Welcome to Candor.”

A giant weight lifted off my shoulders. I’m Candor. I’m good enough for them. My future is set.

I wait with bated breath in the audience for Andrew’s turn. They injected him but his worried eyes refused to relax.

“Full name.”

“Andrew Gilbert Nirali.”

“Home faction.”


“Did you betray them?”

“My alliance is with Candor.”

“And since you’re the only Dauntless transfer that has been noted to mix with our Abnegation transfers, do you share the same feelings?”

“Yup. I hate hiding.”

“Is that your deepest secret?”

I held my breath. Would he tell them about his results? They’ll ask him for them later if he doesn’t now. Perhaps he should just prove he’s a Candor and tell the truth.

Andrew’s lips pursed, “No.”

“Don’t withhold information.”

“I was told never to say anything...” The soldiers that had locked us into the chair wrapped themselves around Andrew’s arms. My heart began missing beats.

“Wait! I’m divergent!” It was like the room would rattle with the explosion of his voice. It was as if he was holding back against the serum, but no-one could do that.

“You may leave.” Andrew was hoisted from his seat and pulled towards the door.

 Amish restrained me as I tried to stand. This can’t be...

“Did I fail?” Andrew yelled across the room, kicking against the soldiers force, “Answer me you liars!” Our eyes met. The door closed.

The silence stabbed me in the heart. All the initiates were exchanging confused looks. Eldwin by the side of me looked as if he was going to cry. Was he one of them? Could any of us be... divergent?

My mouth won’t shut. He didn’t lie.

He’s different not dangerous...

Today was the first time I’d ever felt vulnerable in Candor, with the fake murder and then this. They’d lied to us.

The faction built on honesty lied to us.

The factions were about to fall.

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