Princess Annie

Momma's always said I had a dad who was careless, and he was famous in a band called one direction, but momma never let me see pictures or listen to there music, she never let me go on play dates or go to any concerts. She said he doesn't care about us.

Hi my names Annie and this is the story of my life.


5. where's William?

I wake up to the nurse staring at me, she looks relieved when she sees me awake. I get up and say " thanks" and she try's to stop me but I don't allow her. I just keep walking.

I need to go talk to William, I get to the office where he always is, but he's not there. Ugh. This palace has like 250 rooms. I'm never gonna find him.

So i go to the camera room. That watches all but bathrooms and bedrooms.

There's already a guy there, darn it. I read his shirt it's says Alex, ok.

" hello George wants you to help him with something in the pool room, he heard your a great swimmer. "

" I'm not but ok"

I leave with him. Then I act like I'm walking away. I reach for the knob.

It's locked.

Crap I thought to myself. The only way is the window.

I run outside. And you all are probaly wondering why am I doing all this for talking to William, I need to talk to him, before my mom tells him she's sick, or there's different plans that day.

I get past the guards in the front. And I get to the window. I yank it open.

And there's the sirens. Uh oh. I'm dead.

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