Princess Annie

Momma's always said I had a dad who was careless, and he was famous in a band called one direction, but momma never let me see pictures or listen to there music, she never let me go on play dates or go to any concerts. She said he doesn't care about us.

Hi my names Annie and this is the story of my life.


4. not fair

I meet my mom at the " nurses office" and she's really pale. I look right at her and she blurts out" no. No your not going to see that jerk that trader

, no."

" THATS NOT FAIR" I scream as I'm stomping to my room.

A few minutes later, George walks in my room,

" go away " I mumble.

He doesn't hear. Hallelujah I thought. The royal people will never take "sass"

He sits near me. I stare at him. " what do you want?" I say sternly.

" hey now. I want to know why your so mad. "

I tell him everything.

He looks so shocked, I ask him why.

" didn't you hear? One direction is coming to meet the king."

I stand up and, everything goes black.

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