Swollen Darkness.

"Lou, I'm pregnant." I closed my eyes, as if trying to imagine him in the room, slapping me, even though he was in Australia right now.
"What? But Nat, we haven't-"
Stopping my tears, I added, "You see, here's the catch. I'm sorry Lou, but it's not.. it's not your's."
Dead silence.
"I'm coming home."


16. High Hopes.

Natalie's POV

I am very vigorously aware of my previous confessions about pregnancy being such a hardcore pain-in-the-ass(as in LITERALLY ), but never had the feeling been as vivid as it was now. The overruling factor was that once the doctor says "Ok miss, you need to push!" , you know that you're in a hell of a lot of push and shove! But when the next time you wake up, and you open your eyes to look at a white ceiling and no halo on top of your head, you feel like singing Imagine Dragon's Top Of The World and do the Irish foot thing for years to come...

In other words, I survived. 


Louis' POV


It was the only word in my head the moment Natalie's water broke on the AMAs' stage. This wasn't even a movie, and such a dramatic scene lay in front of me. God bless that stage!

Well, once in the hospital, help came flying to us; perks of being in 1D, no doubt. They took Nat away into the delivery room, and just like they showed in the movies about the guy holding the hand of the girl while she did her 'stuff', I tried to enter. But realty hit me like a Lamborghini. 

They wouldn't let me in. Thanks to Paul (heaven knows how he ends up everywhere) and his man-tastic presence, I was allowed to get in. Inside, Nat was looking at the docs, with a I'm-hearing-but-I'm-not-listening face while the doc went on saying' "Miss, you need to push! P-U-S-H. PUSH!!"

I ran to her, and grabbed her hand. "Lou, what the hell is happening?"

"Let's just say you need to push the life out of you."

She frowned. "Huh?"

I flatly replied. "Literally, sweetness. Push."

To my relief, she did. Hard work and persistence dominated the moment. Sweat poured down very inch of her face. I snatched the towel from the nurse, and dabbed her face with it. 

"No crowning. More force please," one of the docs said, lifting her head from under the Nat's hospital gown. 

Nat rolled her eyes and cried, "You've got to be kidding me!"



Natalie's POV

This situation kinda reminds me of Little Mix's Salute- 'You think we're just pretty things, you couldn't be more wrong…'

I literally pushed the life out of me, but nada! Seriously, we women are so much more than pretty! 

It was like after an everlasting eternity when I heard a cry. A baby's cry. My baby's cry. 

The force with which I held my shit together for so long finally gave in, and I sank my head into the pillow. "Phew!"

Louis kissed my forehead and cried, "You did it!"

I looked up to see the corner of his eyes wrinkling up with tears. "You're such a baby!" 

Suddenly conscious, he wiped his tears and snapped. "And you think you're any better?"

I realized his point when I found out that my own eyes were as wet as his. I laughed. For a moment, we were momentarily paused, our tears only as understandable as our silence, our anxious war was now over. Our baby was going to be here anytime. 

There was a cough by the door. We both turned, not out of curiosity, but out of excitement. There was a nurse in white, holding my world in her hands. My world. I looked at Louis. Actually, our world. 

She approached my bed, and Louis's grab of my hand getting tighter by her every step. "Here you go," she said. My baby was carefully placed on my hands. Her eyes were faintly open.  

"You have a very healthy angel for yourself, ma'am."

I smiled. And she left.

Our focus was back on our baby. In simple words, she was like an LA sunset, you feel it's beauty and know exactly how spectacular it is, but somehow, words never seem to justify it's charm. Hell, even God couldn't try hard enough to not love her. 

Louis whispered, "Missy, we'll have to guard up the house better to keep the world from falling in love with her."

I smiled. "Noted."

Silence fell upon us again, as both of us took a real good look at this exquisite piece of creation, careful to cherish every moment with her. And then..

"Hope we aren't interrupting anything!" Liam said in a sing-song manner and sneaked in. C'mon, it was a sure thing that a line of lads was sure to follow.

"Liam, how can we? We don't even know how to interrupt!" Niall cracked.

Then the slow train. "Yeah, we wouldn't know. It's like-" Harry tried.

Zayn slapped him. "Oops! Too slow. Seriously Harry, what were you in your previous life? A sloth?" 

And man, I have to say, THAT was a good one!

Louis sighed but blew his hands up in frustration. "Just what we needed…"

It was in a blink when the guys moved from the door to my bed. All their eyes were wide, with their mouths forming big old Os. 

Niall articulated. "Oh wow.. Natalie, she is so pretty."

Liam stated."Never thought this day would come, but Lux definitely has some competition now."

"Can I hold her?" Harry asked.

There was a tinge of possessiveness in me, but eh, what the hell? "Sure. Here you go."

My moves were as gentle as possible. Harry tried his best to keep things smooth. Careful not to wake her up, he finally landed her on his hands. "She is just magnificent." 

Zayn said, "It's said that God made each one of us. But mate, if he ever shed a sweat while sculpting someone, it is definitely her."

I smiled. "Thanks guys."

Louis sighed. "Well, I appreciate you guys hitting on my daughter, but her awesome mother needs some rest now."

Liam hit back. He turned to face Lou, "Hit on her? We all aren't graduated under Professor Styles here to cross all boundaries of incompatible peer groups." 

We laughed. Harry grunted.  

Liam went on. "Honestly, Nat. It is for the best interest of the entire world that our dear angel does not get his brains. I know it's like being up against genetics, but its better-" He realized his joke had gone a little over the edge. "Oh God, I am so sorry! Louis, I am such an idiot. So sorry, mate." 

It was quite a harsh fact that she wasn't really his daughter, but Louis never ever differentiated his love for her, even when she was in my womb. Sure stuff was complicated, and it was a weird feeling to accept this child, but he is so awesome that I never had to feel guilty of anything at all. That's why I love this guy so much! 

Liam tried to comfort Louis, who immediately pasted a concrete smile and said, "It's alright." 


We all watched dear daughter sleep like a Koala. No one made a move to break off the awkward melancholy, but after a while, Zayn exclaimed, "Any ideas for a name for Miss.Pretty?"

Always knows the right words at the right time. I had to smile.

Niall lightened up. "How about Riona?" 

Louis squinted. "Is that Irish?" 

He nodded vigorously. "Yeah."

All the boys shook their heads. "Absolutely not."

"Caroline?", Liam pushed in.

We all knew the pun in that, right?

The world spun. I asked, "Do we actually have to do this now? "

Louis raised an eyebrow. "You actually think these morons are gonna wait?"

Well, the rest is pretty predictable. Names after names continued. Hannah, Jennifer, Susan, Chloe, Georgia, Alexis, Kendra, Megan, Emily…. and blah blah blah. I never said the effort was useless, but somehow, those names on her just didn't seem right. 

Niall sighed. "I give up. I need a chicken wing now."

Liam suggested. "Frankly guys, we could get a dozen Red Bulls and go on like this the entire night, but still not be able to find the right name. "

Louis exclaimed. "I got a idea!" He looked at me, and I had a bad feeling about it already. "Honey, I am going to count till five, and then you just say the first name that comes to you mind. Okay?"

I frowned. "Not the worst idea so far, so okay."

Louis smiled. "The name of the next Miss Universe is the next thing that comes out of your mouth, beauty. It better be a good one."

I nodded.  So help me God!

Louis started. "One."

Harry was next. "Zebra!"

Niall popped in. "Chicken wings!"

Zayn. "Teddy bears!"

Liam was last. "And five!"

I shut my eyes and mouthed."Savannah Audrey!"

I had no idea where that came from. I had a clear idea that somehow Audrey's name had to be there, because she lost her life over something unreasonable. Billy, my worker, grieved losing his wife everyday, all because she forced her psychotic son to spill the truth about the night he took me in. And that's how she unjustly died for me. 

As for the Savannah part, it just popped up in my head, and I was so so so hoping it was good enough. 

I opened my eyes just wide enough to see Louis respond. "Perfect."

All the lads cheered in victory of finally finding the perfect name , which was even harder than finding Nemo. 

Niall commented, "There is it then. Savannah Audrey Tomlinson. Sure as hell sounds awesome!"

Liam pointed out, "That can't be. Tommo and Natalie aren't married yet."

Bummer! Almost forgot that one..

But Louis didn't look disappointed at all. He simply grinned and looked at me to add, "Oh how so?"

Son of a fucking gun, that one. 

                                                                            THE END



Oh God, i feel so horrible to keep u guys up for so long. Sinner i am. :/ so this is the end of it. really hoping u liked it. could've done better, but i kinda got burried in homeworks n books, n exams.. ah. school is a bitch, isnt it? In case a miracle happens, n i find a perfect opening with ample time to write a sequel, i most definitely will. n SERIOUSLY guys, i love ya all. thanks for reading. :) 

keep reading, keep breathing, n BE A REBEL. 

                                                                                                                -Love, WeekendFreak XD


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