Swollen Darkness.

"Lou, I'm pregnant." I closed my eyes, as if trying to imagine him in the room, slapping me, even though he was in Australia right now.
"What? But Nat, we haven't-"
Stopping my tears, I added, "You see, here's the catch. I'm sorry Lou, but it's not.. it's not your's."
Dead silence.
"I'm coming home."


6. Grease It Up.

Natalie's POV

What did I just do?

Hell. I just lost the only person I cared about the most in my entire life: Louis.

And now, I was sitting in my room, crying like a wet mop, killing myself with my own guilt. But what was I guilty of? Throwing Louis out of my house because he was driving me crazy? About not slaughtering myself the minute I found out that I was pregnant? About actually thinking that Louis would understand? 

Jesus, what was I thinking?  

How could I expect him to be okay with the fact that I'm pregnant with someone I don't even know? Jake's text of me said that the guy was a 'friend of mine from school' but I was so drunk, I could have easily been misguided. And how could I forget about the fans? And the media? They have a really weird way of twisting things up.

You know, before Louis came into my life, I was like "I'm better off alone." Then he happened; the best thing in the world. But now, I was feeling like I'm-better-off-alone again. 


The doorbell. I rubbed my smudgy eyes. It was so late at night. Who could it be?

I asked, "Who is it?"

But before I could walk towards the door, I ran to the bathroom and went spatting on the sink. Blood. 

I sighed. Not again. 


Louis' POV

Wow. Seriously, I had the best friends in the world. Yes, they do drive me insane sometimes (and vise versa), but they can be pretty helpful too. Especially at times like this.

Once in front of Natalie's front door, I rang the bell, with one hand holding the pizza.

"Who is it?", she asked.

I grinned. I took out the grittiest voice I could in order to match that of Nat's gate keeper."It's Billy ma'am." 

I put my ears to the door. I could hear her in the washroom, and some other weird sounds. What is going on, I wondered.

It was after some much desperate minutes after which she finally opened the door, eyes wide with surprise.

"Louis?" My name sounded more like a spell while coming from her mouth. 

"I'm so sorry, Natalie. Please don't remind me of what a selfish jerk I've been lately." I looked into her surprised eyes, but my gaze went over to the red spot resting in the corner of her lips.

I reached over and rubbed my thumb against her lips. She asked, "What is it?"

It was blood. "Have you been drinking blood?" This is so weird.

She frowned her brows in disgust. "Of course not! It's more like vomiting it out. It's been happening for quite sometime." She shut up immediately, like she regretted letting out the piece of information. She let me in, closing the door behind me. I set the pizza on the table and looked at her.

I raised my voice."Quite some time?! Nat, why didn't you tell me about this?"

"I would've if I had the chance!" She looked as pale as an autumn leaf. "Just tell me, why are you here? You don't have to rub in the fact that we're over."

"Honey, we're far from over." I kissed her hands. Just then, I remembered. "Hold it. I gotta call someone." I walked out of the room. 


She picked up on the third ring. "Louis!" she almost yelled. 

"Hey mom! I miss you so much."

"Me too, darlin. How are you?," she asked.

"I'm good. Listen, I need you're help. What do you do when someone vomits blood?" Well, she's a nurse. So, I hoped she knew the remedy.

"Oh God. Who is it?"

"Umm.. It's-," I can't say the truth,"It's Zayn. You know, all the touring and stuff. And he's got a new dietary schedule. Hard times."

"Aww.. Poor child. Get him to rest, darlin. Like really rest. He needs to grab some sleep. Should I call Trisha?"


I snapped at her. "No! Of course not! It's okay. Zayn doesn't want her to worry about him."

"Okay. So, honey, when are you bringing Natalie here to see me?" She had been asking that for quite a few times by now.

I smiled. "Pretty soon, mom. And there might as well be a surprise for you."

"Oh wow. I guess, I'll count my grey hairs till then. Bye love."

"Bye mom. Love ya!"

I kept the phone and rushed into the bed room. "Young lady, you need to rest. Go into hibernation or something." 

But she didn't seem to have a clue. 

"Louis, why would you even care about me? After all the trouble I caused you, I wouldn't even be surprised if you slapped me right now and dumped me."

"Sshh," I shut her. "I would never dump you. Never. And its okay. Everybody makes mistakes."

She refused. "No. You don't get it. My mistake is like a Glow-At-Night sticker. It's there when you shine a light and it's there when you keep it in the dark too."

I smiled. "Then, we'll get through. Somehow, we will. I'm here for you. I promise."

"Thank you." She hugged me. "I love you," she whispered into my ears.

"I love you too." I pulled away from her. "Now, pizza time!" I jumped into the bed. 

She grinned and came to the bed with me. "Where did you get this?" She asked. 

"I stole it. From Niall." I smirked.

"Wait. They are here?" she opened the case.

"Just came in today to see me," I said while pulling off my shirt.

"Aww.. look at this! It's so sweet." She pointed to the pizza.

"What is?" I looked at the pizza. It had a note stuck to the cheese. I rolled my eyes. "Oh God. Niall is always so stupid to use his own name for the delivery!"

"Come on. Let's read it." She peeled off the hand-written note from the cheese, the paper close to tearing off. She read it.

"Dear Niall. Are you Niall, as in Niall Horan?? OMFG, this is so good!!! Right now, we could get fired for writing notes to customers. But we can't help it. We are such huuuggge fans of you guys! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! <3 <3 Ok, below the pizza there is a envelope with 5 letters, for each of you. PLZ PLZ PLZ read it. It would mean a lot. Love you. - Sam, Zoey, Christie, Ruth and Brian (he's gay.) <3 <3" 

She finished reading and looked at me. "You know, about a year ago, I would have done the exact same thing if I were to make a pizza for you guys!" 

I laughed.

And like they said, there was an envelope below the pizza. Natalie opened it and took out the one named Louis. "Let's see what they think about you, mister," she said.

The note was a cute little piece of writing, with hearts almost everywhere on the page. God knows how they managed to do all that at work!

Natalie read it. 

"Dear Louis. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! It's crazy to think what 1D would be without you. U are just so damn funny! I just hope I'm as lucky as Natalie to find someone like you in my life. Just so you know, my last boyfriend, Peter, said in his birthday party that he hates One direction. And guess what, I FUCKING DUMPED HIM. AT HIS OWN FUCKING BIRTHDAY PARTY! Its crazy right? Never been more proud :) 

So, last Friday, I saw Grease, because I got to know that you acted as Danny in your own school's Grease Production. So cool! I wish I could get the footage of that somehow. :(   U know I've been working in this shitty place just so I can grow some money to buy your concert tickets. They r so sickly expensive! :(

 Shit! My boss is coming for his rounds. GTG. Bye. Love you lots. -Christie (Forever Directioner) <3 <3" 

"Wow. She is a hell of a fan!" I said. I mean, who dumps a boyfriend all because he doesn't like us?

She raised her eye brows. "I know right? But Lou, I've never seen you do Danny."

Not in hell. 

I stated. "Oh God! Natalie, I was a kid when I did that. It was really stupid. Trust me!" I took a bite of my pizza slice.

She shouted. "Whatever it was! I wanna see it. Please please please.. ," she went on endlessly, unit she had to gasp for air. But even then, she kept begging, asking me to do Danny Zuko from Grease. She offered, "I won't even record it. I swear!"

After a while, I gave up.


Natalie's POV

Oh My God. That pretty much sums it all.

Louis was the most amazing Danny ever! 

He could do the 'Danny Zuko' walk with such an ease. It was almost like I was watching the actual movie, only that it was thrice as funny and a million times more stupid. I not saying that Louis was stupid. To actually think of it, it was kinda sexy since he was shirtless the entire time. Oops,I need to shut up. *Zip*

Louis gracefully walked over to me, in a sing-song manner, bent one feet on the bed, leaned forward and asked, "Care to join me for a song, Sandy?"

Wow. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought I would ever be playing Sandy Olsson from Grease. But, what the hell?

I took his hand and replied in a nosy- high pitched voice, "Sure Danny!"

And together, we did the best Grease Production in the world. It was so great, I actually had to stop laughing so that the baby won't die. LOL.  

I bet, if this was supposed to go on TV, it will be when Miley Cyrus gets an Oscar for the Most Good-looking Wrecking Ball in a Music Video.

Which is seriously never happening. Or is it?

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