The Messed Up Life Of Curly Burn

Curly is the only girl sybling in her family. Her mo and dad are mean and she is known as a bad girl for hurting her best friends feelings bad. What can she do? She knows life is horrible as it is now...... She has to escape. But where? The only option was the one and only Metropolitan Museum Of Art.


3. Who, What and if?

 Curly knew she did not belong there. She had to escape. She began to think of a plan. She could not runaway by herself she had to pick one of her siblings to go. But who? She could deal with that later. She needed to plan first. She was always in love with art and she was still under 12 so she would get free admission to a museum. A museum! She could run there. Now she had the first piece her partner would do the second piece. Who should she pick? She could bring Justin but she did not know how to change diapers. She could bring Bill. Nope he is too sticky. She had only one choice. Dean it is. He was perfect he had 20  dollars, he had perfect sense of direction and it was a great way to apologize for her behavior. He did have a good mouth. A shut mouth. She had to go to the bathroom. Then she heard a jingle of keys and a click. Great! Mom and dad is home just as I was about to say sorry and discuss the plan with Dean. I will just get to talk to him at outside time. Curly's dad is always getting them to exercise just because his co-worker who lives across the street practically owns a wresting team is getting his boys to exercise. The next day during out side time, Curly called Dean. "Can I talk to you?" "Sure. Do I have to do your homework?" She could not believe what he was doing. He talked to her in a disrespectful way. She wasn't mad. He never did that before. "Follow me." She walked behind her house. She looked at him sternly." Do you trust me? With your life? He looked at her and said "yes. I do." "Ok good" she said. "You know how I don't like it here. Well I was thinking of going somewhere else. Somewhere fancy with lots of facts in it." His eyes opened up. "Your running away?" "No we are running away. Can you come with me on an ultimate adventure?" He thought for a minute. "Does this mean I am your favorite?" She nodded. "If your not happy here then--." "Thank you so so much!" 

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