The Messed Up Life Of Curly Burn

Curly is the only girl sybling in her family. Her mo and dad are mean and she is known as a bad girl for hurting her best friends feelings bad. What can she do? She knows life is horrible as it is now...... She has to escape. But where? The only option was the one and only Metropolitan Museum Of Art.


4. Money

Dean and Curly became more closer. They spent hours together. After all they will soon count on each other to live life. They had their plan all played out. Mom was a Social Worker so she traveled a lot. She took the train quite often. Dad was a editor in writing books for adults. He always had "extra" pocket money. By extra I mean a couple hundreds and rarely a thousand dollars. Curly was to take her mom's train ticket so they can leave using that. The money was for meals and other important items. Creek.Step Step. Curly had to get the ticket. " Richard the deed cannot be sent tomorrow. It is impossible." Uh-oh mother! Curly took a dash for her mother's purse on her bedside table and hid under the bed. A couple minutes later  after Raylissa had finished talking on the phone she called to her husband Carlos. "Carlos have you seen my purse? Richard gave me overtime today and i have to leave." Then she left she took digged through her mothers purse and came across a yellow-ish plane ticket and a blue train ticket. She put both in her pocket. She left her mothers purse on her bedside table. It appeared un-touched. She quickly ran to her Dean's room. Kick, Knock Knock. They came up with a secret code just in case. Curly ran in and quickly locked the door. "Got it?" He asked "Yep." She said. He quickly emptied his jean pockets. " There were only two twenties. So I got both is that alright?" She nodded. But inside she knew it was not alright. That will only last them about.Three months. She did not want to worry about it. Tomorrow was the big day; their big escape.

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