The Messed Up Life Of Curly Burn

Curly is the only girl sybling in her family. Her mo and dad are mean and she is known as a bad girl for hurting her best friends feelings bad. What can she do? She knows life is horrible as it is now...... She has to escape. But where? The only option was the one and only Metropolitan Museum Of Art.


1. Schools Out!!!!

  It was 3:10 in Mrs Maxwell's room. Curly Burn and her friend Andrew had their eyes glued on the clock. Five more minutes until school is out! "I am here for you when you need me." Said Mrs Maxwell. " CURLY BURN!" Her heart jumped. She turned to face her 'beloved' teacher. "Can you explain the homework for summer vacation?!?" Curly was about to talk when her friend and life saver Andrew yelled "Schools out!!!!!" The whole class even Brittney the ultimate nerd yelled and ran to the closet. Curly had to hurry. Her brother was waiting to get picked up. Curly got her stuff. She ran to the mail closet and carefully opened the window. Her class was the only 5th grade class on the first floor. Quickly she put her left leg out the window. Then she heard a very very familiar voice say " Ooo Mrs Maxwell look at what Curly is doing." It was the one and only Andrew. Her "best friend" was a cheat he told on her. She took her left foot out the window. And looked straight at Andrew. Without even thinking she pushed him into the mail shelf and climbed out the window. She began to run. Was Andrew alright? She ran all the way to the 3rd grade side of the building. She grabbed her brother's wrist and pulled him out of line and pulled him home.

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